Wedding Shoes in Wide Widths Shopping Guide

Finding wide bridal shoes and extra wide wedding shoes …

If you’re currently looking for wedding shoes in wide widths, you’ve probably realized that it’s not that easy to find wide bridal shoes and extra wide wedding shoes.

wedding shoes in wide widths

The problem was indeed much worse in the past. Luckily nowadays, more and more bridal shoes designers are realizing that there is a growing market for wide width wedding shoes and extra wide bridal shoes.

Easy access to information is the main reason why women today are much more informed about their bodies and feet.

And with knowledge comes power.

Brides today (whether slim or plus size) are not easily fooled by shop assistants into buying bridal shoes that do not fit them properly just because the shop assistant says that “they look great on you!”. Fortunately, hard selling is a thing of the past.

Any bride will feel exhausted by the end of her wedding, but why make it worse by choosing bad bridal shoes?

Wedding Shoes in Wide Widths: Advice & Tips

Comfortable wedding shoes are not a myth and no, choosing comfortable bridal shoes does not necessarily mean throwing away elegance and glamour.

For your wedding, you should ideally wear a style of shoes that you are used to wearing. So if low heel shoes are your thing, choose classy, wide, low heel bridal shoes.

Look for extra padding around the pressure areas for maximum comfort.

Wide bridal shoes may also be the ideal choice for pregnant brides and women who suffer from bunion swellings.

The range of sizes available vary with each wedding vendor. However if you do a little bit of research, you should be able to find a good selection of wide bridal shoes in your size.

When trying your bridal shoes, remember to not try them on first thing in the morning. When you wake up, your feet are at their smallest. So for optimum results, try your shoes in the afternoon.

No matter how beautiful the shoes are, do not be tempted to buy them if they overhang. They will only mean torture on your wedding day! Plus they will not look very attractive either. Go for a pair of bridal shoes that fit you properly.

If you’re getting high heel bridal shoes, look for a style that do not make your feet slide down inside the toe area. This will be highly uncomfortable during your wedding and you’ll end up having crushed toes. This can be really painful and will make it next to impossible to walk around gracefully during your wedding.

This issue can happen either because your shoes are too small or too big. Padded shoes can help eliminate this problem. Unfortunately, some styles of shoes (although gorgeous) will invariably produce crushed toes.

A final word … For your special day, go for a pair of bridal shoes that fit perfectly and that are comfortable. Trust us … your feet will be eternally grateful!

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