Adding style with a Wedding Parasol

Lovely lace parasols, cute paper parasols and more …

A Wedding Parasol can bring a touch of elegance to a generally casual event like a beach wedding.

beach wedding parasol

The use of a parasol by beach brides is a fairly new trend. However, it’s been picking up nicely over the last couple of years. A parasol can be used solely to enhance your wedding photos.

Many beach brides though are starting to use a parasol as one of their main accessories during their beach wedding. Some also hand out matching parasols to their bridal party and also to their guests.

Wedding parasols are a fun and stylish way to protect yourself against the scorching heat. They become especially useful if you’re getting married somewhere really hot.

Some beach brides go for a parasol as an alternative to their bouquet and bridal party flowers. (This can in fact be a great money saver!)

Nowadays, there are countless styles of parasols to choose from. Ideally your parasol should match your overall theme of your wedding. So say if you’re having a more formal and lavish beach wedding, then your parasol should emulate that same theme.

On the other hand, if your wedding is a simple, informal one, the parasols should also reflect that. Same goes if you’re choosing a special color scheme or some other unique theme (Oriental theme for example) for your beach wedding.

Different types and styles of parasols include …

- lace parasols (usually white lace with frills)

- lacy cotton

- sequin flowered with a lace trim

- embroidered

- edges adorned with pearls

- colored

- paper parasols

- nylon

- rice paper

- hand painted bridal parasol umbrella

If you’re going to give parasols to your guests, the best way to hand them out is to place them in decorated buckets at the end of your main aisle or along each seating row. This way your guests can take them as and when they need them.

If you’re not actually getting married on a beach but are having a beach themed wedding, you can make use of parasols to create that beach ambiance effect.

You can do this by hanging them from the ceiling or place them at strategic places such as near the head table. Cocktail parasols with drinks will instantly add that lovely, care-free, beach themed effect to your wedding.

Graphics of beach parasols can also be chosen for your invitations, stationery and thank you notes.

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