Unique Wedding Favor Sayings & Romantic Wedding Favor Poems Samples

Looking for samples of Wedding Favor Sayings? Or maybe you’d rather have romantic wedding favor poems …

wedding favor sayings

In this section, we’ve collected some of the most popular sayings for a wedding favor, as well as came up with new unique sayings and quotes to inspire you and give you ideas for your wedding favor saying.

A wedding favor is already a precious memento that your guests will treasure but you can enhance the experience even further by adding that personal touch to it with your favorite saying, poem or wedding quote.

Although not mandatory, many couples choose sayings that has either something to do with the theme of their wedding, e.g. beach themed favor sayings usually have words like ocean, sea shells, sand, waves, etc mentioned … others choose to make a cute connection with the actual wedding favor which was chosen, for e.g. chocolate favors often have the words “sweet” mentioned in the sayings.

There are no set rules though and you can be as creative as you wish. Have fun with this and choose a saying that reflects your personality!

Some couples get creative with favor sayings, by playing with words ... so "shall" gets turned into "shell" for a beach themed wedding favor, "meant" into "mint" for mint-flavored favors, and so on.

In addition to your wedding favors, you can also use sayings, poems and quotes on your beach wedding invitations, tags and stationery.

Samples and Ideas for Wedding Favor Sayings

Our love "shell" last forever!

Thank you for making our wedding day a coasting success.

A match made in heaven.

Our love is a flame that burns brightly.

Light me and our love will burn brightly forever.

Enjoy sweet memories of our special day.

*Insert your first names here* send you lots of hugs and kisses.

Made to bee together!

Mint to be Together

Lucky in Love

You helped to make our day complete

Now please enjoy this little treat.

The flame of our love will always burn bright

Our Heart-Felt Thanks for Sharing our Special Day with Us

A Hearty Thank You to All Who Shared Our Special Day.

Our Love Shines Like an Eternal Flame.

When These Treats You Eat, Remember Our Love So Sweet

The flame of our love will always burn bright

Surfing on the wave of love forever

As we start on our way, thank you for sharing our day.

Here's wishing you sweet memories of the day you shared with us.

Love is like chocolate. Life is so much sweeter when it's shared!

Thank you for making our day

So special in every way.

Ideas for Wedding Favor Poems

Our love is deeper than the ocean

Brighter than the bluest sky

Thank you for making our wedding day

Precious, memorable and divine.

As precious as the ocean's treasures,

Too strong for anyone to measure:

Two hearts, joined together,

sharing their lives forever.

For that added personal touch, you can hand write the sayings. Alternatively, you can get tags and print them out. If you’re going to use your first names as opposed to Mr. & Mrs., then it’s customary to write the bride’s name first and it’s also nice to actually sign your names at the bottom of each card.

Also, don’t forget to add a short note with your wedding favor expressing your thanks to your guests.

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