Wedding Decoration Pictures

Get inspired with our selection of photos of wedding reception decorations and ceremony wedding decoration photos …

Browsing through wedding decoration pictures can help brides to be decide on what colors to choose for their wedding theme, decorations, flowers and much more.

While looking at our selection of photos of wedding reception decorations, use your imagination and creativity to adapt what you’re seeing for your own wedding. Maybe you haven’t really considered a particular color yet … it’s amazing how different a color may look when you see it in its proper setting.

Ceremony wedding decorations pictures can also help you decide on the amount of decorations to add to the venue. Sometimes (especially if you’re getting married on a beach) less is more.

This is especially true if you’re going to have an informal wedding.

Some beach brides choose bold colors to make a statement.

With bold colors you usually wouldn’t need much else as regards to decorations.

The bold colors will be striking enough to enhance your wedding theme to the max.

wedding decoration pictures

wedding decoration photos

Always look for balance. So for example, if you’d really like some nice elaborate centerpieces on your wedding tables, don’t go overboard with the decorations of the tables (and chairs) themselves.

You should always aim to have one focal point in each area. Otherwise, the whole setting will look too cluttered and you’d lose all the effect.

Think … where would you like to draw attention to the most? Then choose the right wedding decorations to co-ordinate the whole look.

photos of wedding reception decorations

Also watch out for lighting opportunities. Simply having lighted back drops in some areas can greatly enhance the atmosphere.

Popular areas at reception venues where brides usually add wedding decorations include entry ways, buffet table, cake table, guest sign-in table, gifts table and of course the newly weds and guests’ wedding tables and chairs.

However, don’t feel obliged to place decorations everywhere. Try to picture how the venue will look and then decide on how many decorations you’re going to add.

Finding the right balance is key.

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