An Overview on Wedding Color Combinations

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wedding color combinations

Is it time for you to choose your wedding color combinations?

Having some trouble getting ideas for your wedding color scheme?

Choosing wedding colors can be a bit of a headache for some brides.

But when you think about it, you can get wedding color ideas from practically anywhere!

So if you’re currently in that stage where you need to choose your wedding color schemes, keep an eye open on any color combinations that you come across. It’s amazing how much more you can “see” when you set your mind to watch out for beautiful color schemes that blend well together.

In this section, we discuss some important issues that you need to take into consideration when you’re picking wedding colors.

If you’ve always dreamed of using certain wedding color combinations, then don’t stay researching the most popular wedding colors or see what the latest trends on colors for a wedding are.

This is YOUR wedding.

So if you already know what you want when it comes to your wedding color scheme, go for it! Your wedding should be all about you, not what other brides are choosing and doing.

This page is intended to serve only as a guide on how to choose wedding colors. Read it carefully, then decide what will look great for YOUR wedding.

wedding color combinations

Wedding Color Combinations: Some things to consider …


If you have a favorite color, consider coming up with a wedding color scheme that revolves around it.

If your favorite color is not usually associated with weddings, check whether the wedding decorations and accessories that you will be needing are available in that color. Perhaps you can make some of the decorations yourself if they’re not readily available.

Try to imagine how the ceremony and reception will look like with your favorite color.

Remember that it’s possible that you will be using this color a LOT. Will you still like this wedding color scheme in large doses?

If you think that it will be a bit too much, you can always minimize the amount of decorations in that color. The important thing to do at this stage is to try to visualize the end result and decide whether it would be something that you’ll like.


The date of your wedding plays an important role when you’re choosing a wedding color scheme. However, nothing is set in stone.

While it’s true that you will find summer wedding colors, spring wedding colors, best colors for autumn weddings and best wedding colors for winter, these wedding color combinations are only there to help you set the mood for your wedding.

So if you have a color scheme in mind that is not usually associated with your month, don’t discard it right away. Think about where you’ll be using this color and whether it will still look good for that time of year.

As a general rule, pastels and light colors are associated with spring and summer and darker colors are usually associated with autumn and winter.

If you’re getting marring in spring, lavender, silver, lime green, sky blue, pink, yellow and peach are some main spring wedding colors that you might want to consider.

Popular summer wedding colors include turquoise, yellow, pink, orange and lime green.

Fall is a romantic time for a wedding. Popular fall wedding colors include purple and champagne, natural fall colors, chocolate brown, aubergine and sage.

For winter weddings, favorite colors include red, gold, silver, green, purple and blue.


Where will you be having your wedding?

With outdoor weddings, nature will be on your side! Try to think of colors that will blend, compliment and highlight the beautiful natural colors that you’ll be surrounded with.

With indoor weddings, your ceremony and reception venues will already have some sort of color scheme. Decide on whether you want highlight or work around that color scheme or whether you want to “hide” it as much as possible.


Your wedding theme can also influence the wedding colors that you choose.

For example, if you’re getting married right on the beach, there are some beach wedding colors that will look fantastic in a beach setting. As always though, remember that this is your wedding and it all really boils down to personal taste.

Popular beach wedding colors include turquoise, pink and orange. Having a Nautical themed wedding? Blue is a top favorite.

Choosing your wedding color scheme is an important decision because it will be reflected in your wedding decorations, your wedding cake, flowers, table linens, centerpieces, stationery and possibly your bridesmaid dresses too. So don’t rush choosing your wedding color combinations.

If you’re stuck on wedding color ideas, use this handy color generator tool for inspiration.

One final note. Do not overdo it! Limit your main colors to 2 or 3. No more. Otherwise you will lose the whole effect!

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