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Your wedding cake is one of the many things that will get a lot of attention during your reception.

Nowadays, a lot of couples are doing away with traditional designs and are looking for wedding cake designs that truly reflect their personalities and the theme that they choose for their wedding.

This is especially reflected in the cake topper.

The design of your wedding cake will be greatly dictated by your overall theme and also by how formal you want your wedding to be.

For example, beach theme wedding cakes are usually less elaborate than those used for more formal weddings.

With so many gorgeous cake decorations and cake toppers to choose from, one can easily feel overwhelmed with the plethora of wedding cake designs available. Browsing wedding cake images can help.

wedding cakes photos

wedding cake images

We recommend that you have a look at many designs and styles to get some inspiration and ideas on how you’d like your cake to be.

Looking at photos can help you decide on the colors you’d like to use, the style, cake topper and also any other decorations that you might want to add.

wedding cakes pictures

While looking at photos of wedding cakes, try to think about the following things that you need to consider when choosing your wedding cake …

- flavor and filling

- cake frosting and icing

- design … will you be going for the traditional 3 tiered cake or for a more contemporary design?

- what about color … would you prefer the traditional white with touches of pastel colors or a bolder colors that demand attention?

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