Wedding Bridesmaid Gifts Ideas

Choose from Unique Bridesmaid Gifts, Personalised Bridesmaid Gifts & more

If you’re currently shopping for wedding bridesmaid gifts, then it’s quite possible that you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed. And who wouldn’t?

wedding bridesmaids gifts

With so many bridesmaid wedding gifts to choose from, how do you decide what to get for your bridal party, what style and most of all what prices to go for.

Let’s start with the most imposing question that brides have when it comes to gifts for bridesmaids.

How much should you spend?

As you might imagine, this differs with each bride.

Why? Because each bride will have a different wedding budget.

Setting aside the money factor, every wedding is unique so we recommend that you set your own budget when it comes to wedding bridesmaid gifts.

Bridesmaids Gift Ideas & Advice

Some things to consider when trying to decide what to get and how much to spend on your bridesmaid wedding gifts …

- Your overall wedding budget (obviously the bigger it is, the more money you can spend. Some brides in fact, spend hundreds of dollars on bridesmaid wedding gifts)

- The amount of time that your friends have allocated in helping you with your wedding plans. The more help you get, the more you should spend on their gifts. Personalised bridesmaid gifts will truly show your appreciation for all their hard work.

- Would you be interested in making your own creative bridesmaid gifts or perhaps non-traditional bridesmaids gifts? Although much cheaper, DIY gifts are still appreciated by the receiver because they’re truly personal and thoughtful wedding bridesmaid gifts. (Only consider DIY gifts, if you’ve got enough time to make good quality gifts.)

- Ideally, you should spend approximately the same amount for each gift with the exception of your Maid of Honor’s gift (this one should be pricier). However, this does not mean that you have to get everyone the same gift.

You can either get variations of each gift, or choose different gifts that tie in with your wedding theme. Some brides follow their wedding color theme and go for red bridesmaid gifts for example, if they’re using shades of red for their color theme. You can even buy totally different gifts for each bridesmaid. It’s up to you. Do what feels best to you and get something you know that your bridesmaids will love.

Wedding Bridesmaid Gifts: Classic Ideas

A lot of brides choose gifts that their bridesmaids can wear on the big day, but can continue using after the wedding.

- necklace

- earrings (you can choose different styles according to your bridesmaids’ personal tastes)

Best Bridesmaid Gifts for Beach or Destination Weddings

- beach towel

- beach bag

- gift bag with lots of stuff related to your destination (e.g. day trip tickets or gift certificates, guidebook, disposable camera and traditional local food treats).

Sentimental Gifts for Bridesmaids

- personalized photo albums

- poems in their honor (tucked inside beautiful keepsake boxes)

- personalized CD with songs and music that you both love

Unique Bridesmaid Gifts Ideas for the DIY Bride

- handmade scarf

- beaded necklaces or bracelets

- candles

- homemade jam

- whimsical soaps

- scrapbook full of happy memories that you shared together

More Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

- gift basket with soaps, creams, perfume, etc

- manicure set

- beautiful personalized robes

- spa gift certificate

- designer makeup bag

- makeup kit

- a bottle of wine

- wine glasses

- tickets to a musical

- magazine subscription

You should know your bridesmaids really well, so only you know what their passions are. Give them something they’ll love. Your wedding bridesmaid gifts should come from the heart.

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