Unique Wedding Bird Cages Ideas

Dress up your bird cage card holder for maximum style!

wedding bird cages

Wedding bird cages are incredibly versatile and have many uses.

They add a unique touch to any wedding setting.

A lot of couples go for a birdcage card holder.

This comes in real handy since it’s something that your guests can use to place their wedding cards and money in.

They can also put letters with special messages for the newly weds.

A wedding birdcage comes in many shapes and sizes. It’s up to you then to “customize” it as much as possible to compliment your wedding décor and color scheme and overall theme of your wedding.

With weddings, it’s all about the visual and the little details.

A bird cage can truly enhance your wedding décor if used correctly. Make sure that you’re not getting a birdcage card holder just to get one. Does it go with your other wedding decorations? Will it make your overall look a little bit too much?

It could be that your wedding reception venue already has loads of stunning decorations and accessories. In this case, less is definitely more because you don’t want your venue to end up looking like some sort of craft shop with various decorative bits and pieces, here and there!

Will there be any trees at your reception venue? You can hang some bird cages on the trees for a totally unique effect.

The predominant color of bird cages for weddings is usually white. However, there’s no stopping you in choosing other colors if they compliment your wedding theme.

Brides usually enhance the bird cage further by adding a splash of color from their overall color scheme.

Wedding Bird Cages Ideas: How do you decorate them?

- you can give your bird cage a whole new different look by painting it in a different color. For example, you may have a somewhat unique wedding color scheme and you haven’t found a bird cage to match. Just paint it in your preferred color. Problem solved!

- flowers are your friends :) … don’t know how to enrich your bird cage? Add some flowers either on the top or at the base. Instant makeover!

- wrap a colored ribbon of your choice around the wires on the cage

- a bow placed in a strategic place can also look gorgeous.

- don’t forget the surrounding area! Decorate the surrounding area with silk or fresh flower petals, seashells or any other decorative accessory that compliments your wedding theme.

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