How to find very cheap wedding invitations

A guide for the budget conscious bride who’s looking for wedding invitations for cheap …

So you’re looking for very cheap wedding invitations, but of course you don’t want them to look cheap. Is it possible at all to find wedding invitations for cheap?

very cheap wedding invitations

Yes it is.

Your average wedding invitation will cost anything from $2.00 to $4.00, possibly more because prices quoted may not cover all the inserts that you might need.

But if you don’t want to spend a little fortune on your wedding invitations, read on for advice and tips on how to find good quality budget wedding invitations that your guests will love.

This may come as a surprise, but you can find almost all wedding supplies on sale or discounted throughout various periods of the year. And this is no different with invitations. So be on the lookout for discounted wedding invitations and wedding invitations on sale.

If you’re shopping for your wedding invitations online, than the relative websites will invariably have a clearly marked section entitled “clearance”, “discounted” or “on sale”.

Shopping for very cheap wedding invitations is indeed a wise choice because when you think about it, the wedding invitations are probably one of those things that your guests will immediately forget about. Your wedding ceremony and reception are the events that they will remember forever NOT your invitations.

Nowadays, there are also quite a few websites which offer readily available wedding invitation templates that you can download for free, and then simply print on your computer. To find websites that offer free invitations, simply google the phrase “free printable wedding invitations” or “free wedding invitations to print”.

If you’re into crafts and DIY projects then you have a head start over other budget conscious brides because you can make your own wedding invitations! And the more skilful you are, the more beautiful they will be.

If you’re contemplating DIY wedding invitations, you can purchase pre-cut blank cards and then let your creativity do the rest. You can buy blank cards from most stationery stores, Office Depot, Target or online.

Some wording on the invitations will need to be printed. Then all you have to do is to introduce your wedding theme through your invitations. So if you’re going to have a beach wedding, a seaside wedding or beach themed wedding you need to set the tone in your invitations.

Some ideas on how to glam up the blank cards for a beach themed wedding would be to layer the card with textured paper and paste seashells on the cards. You could also paste a photo of the beach where your wedding ceremony will be held. If you prefer to keep it simple, you can just add a cute ribbon and some white-sandy color glitter to the edges with some craft glue.

Beach weddings are usually smaller than other more traditional weddings and therefore you will probably have a small amount of guests. This will work in your favor if you’re doing the wedding invitations yourself. Less work for you and less money to spend :)

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