Starfish Wedding Invitations

Finding the perfect Starfish Wedding Invitation …

Starfish Wedding Invitations are the epitome of fun!

Have a look at some of the most stylish Starfish Wedding Invitations you'll find ...

Two Starfish Wedding Invitations

A pair of starfish is all you need to announce your wedding in style.

starfish wedding invitations

Personalize your wedding invitations and your guests will be impressed with your simple yet sophisticated sense of style. Perfect for contemporary beach themed weddings.

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Elegant Starfish Wedding Invites

Want your invitations to reflect your chic sense of style?

starfish wedding invitations

These starfish wedding invitations could be just the perfect choice! Subtle romantic colors will make your guests fall in love with these elegant and sophisticated invitations. We're sure you will too!

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Artsy Starfish Invitations

Show your artistic side with these lovely invites!

starfish wedding invitations

A starfish is accompanied by two seashells to make these invitations the perfect choice for a beach themed wedding!

Subtle, laid back and elegant but most of all artistic.

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Distinctive Starfish Invites

Why not go for a bolder background?

starfish wedding invitations

These somewhat "bold" starfish invitations have a striking background which give them a raw, natural feel.

Adorned with a promininent starfish design, are perfect if you've always preferred that natural look.

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Subtle Elegance Starfish Invitations

Take your pick from these three gorgeous invitations!

starfish wedding invitations

starfish wedding invitations

starfish wedding invitations

If you're never one to go overboard, then the above three starfish invitations are worth considering.

Possessing a minimalist look and feel, these invitations can be customized to your liking. Click on each image above for more information on each invitation.

A starfish invitation is perfect for a beach wedding, a seaside wedding or a beach themed wedding.

These types of invitations are among the most popular beach wedding invites. And for good reason. They represent a beach setting perfectly and you can be as creative as you want with these designs.

Some couples choose to go for plain and simple. Such styles tend to be a favored option if you’re going to have a somewhat formal beach wedding.

If on the other hand, you’re leaning towards having a casual, informal wedding, then you have a vast range of star fish wedding invitation ideas to choose from.

You can go for traditional starfish colors or you can go for other colors that blend better with your overall theme and setting. For example, you could blend in vivid tropical colors such as bright shades of red, green, blue and yellow in your invitations.

Choose fun, lively designs or go for a more sophisticated look with pastel colors and a real starfish pasted on the invitation. These types of starfish wedding invites are absolutely gorgeous!

A lot of couples simply fall in love with the starfish theme and end up going for starfish themed wedding stationery as well. You can indeed buy your whole set of stationery, all adorned with starfish. These types of sets usually include the wedding program, announcement cards and thank you cards.

If you really love the starfish theme, you can also get other cute star fish wedding accessories and decorations. For example, you can get matching starfish champagne flutes, cake cutting sets, starfish wedding favors and much more!

If you like wedding crafts, then you can even make your own starfish invites! Just make sure that you clean the starfish thoroughly to avoid any unpleasant odours.

An original alternative to your traditional wedding invitation, is a starfish messge in a bottle invitation. How cool is that!

Definitely something that your guests will remember forever.

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