Popular Songs for a Wedding

Ideas, tips and a list of wedding songs to make your life easier

songs for a wedding couple dancing

Choosing the songs for a wedding is perhaps one of the most enjoyable tasks that a couple will have.

Most couples have their own favorite songs which remind them of the special and precious bond they have.

If you’re not too fussy, you can simply indicate your “must have” songs and your wedding music provider will do the rest and choose those songs for a wedding that will make your big day extra special.

Professional wedding music providers will of course know what type of songs are appropriate for each part of your wedding.

However, your music provider does not really know you and your fiancé.

So if music is an important part of your life or if you want to plan your wedding right to the very last detail, then you should provide a full list of wedding songs that you’d like to be played at your wedding.

And why not? It’s YOUR wedding after all!

This is when it gets a bit difficult, because although you will most definitely have a few favorite songs, you most probably would need some ideas on what songs to play during the various parts of your wedding ...

... such as when you’re walking down the aisle, during the ceremony, when the bridal party enter, your unforgettable first dance, when you’re both sharing that special moment and dancing with your mother and father, when you’re cutting the cake, etc …

Get the picture? That’s a lot of songs to think about :) … and the fact that there are thousands of songs for weddings, only makes it worse.

If you’re suddenly feeling overwhelmed, don’t be. This is when our Songs for a Wedding section can help you.

We’ve compiled a list of popular wedding songs to assist you with your playlist.

To make things easier for you, these top wedding songs are divided into categories, so if you’re stuck on ideas for a particular moment in your wedding, you can go straight to the relative page.

Happy planning!

Beach Wedding Music Ideas

beach wedding music

Want to know which are the most popular styles of music and instruments used for a beach wedding?

Visit our Beach Wedding Music Ideas page for advice and tips on how to choose the music for your beach wedding.

Cake Cutting Songs

cutting the cake songs

Browse through our list of romantic cake cutting songs and choose the perfect song for you.

Visit our Cake Cutting Songs page for song ideas for this precious moment.

First Dance Song Wedding

first dance at a wedding

Stuck on ideas on which song to choose for your first dance together as a married couple?

Get some inspiration from our list of appropriate first dance songs.

Visit our First Dance Song Wedding page for ideas and tips.

Bouquet Toss Wedding Songs

bouquet toss wedding songs

Need some song ideas for the bouquet tossing moment?

Get some inspiration from our extensive selection of possible songs that you can use during this fun part of your wedding.

Visit our Bouquet Toss Wedding Songs page for more info.

Garter Removal Songs

garter removal songs

Want some ideas for that cheeky garter removal moment?

Get inspired from our selection of possible songs that you can use during this part of your wedding.

Visit our Garter Removal Songs page.

Father Daughter Wedding Songs

father daughter wedding songs

Having trouble finding that special song for when you have that dance with your father?

Get ideas from our list of heart melting father and daughter songs.

Visit our Father Daughter Wedding Songs page for inspiration.

Mother Son Wedding Songs

mother son wedding songs

Want some inspiration on which song to choose for the precious mother and son wedding dance?

Get ideas from our list of heartwarming mother and son songs.

Visit our Mother Son Wedding Songs page for ideas.

Last Dance Wedding Songs

mother son wedding songs

Browse our list of last dance songs to get ideas on which song to choose for this final memorable moment.

Lots of special and meaningful songs to choose from ...

Visit our Last Dance Wedding Songs page for some inspiration.

We hope that you've enjoyed browsing through our Songs for a Wedding section and that you've got lots of ideas and inspiration. Time to discuss your choice with the groom now! :)

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