Silk Rose Petals for Weddings

Shopping for silk rose petals for weddings? You've come to the right place.

We've put together a vast selection of gorgeous silk rose petals in bulk, white silk rose petals, pink, lavender, light blue, teal, ivory, red and many other colors. Beautiful and inexpensive artificial silk rose petals to choose from. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see these gorgeous silk rose petals!

Why use silk rose petals as opposed to fresh or dried?

Well for starters, they’re a cheap and affordable alternative to fresh or dried rose petals. Plus they’re very low maintenance and incredibly easy to transport from one place to another. It’s also very easy to clean up artificial silk rose petals.

And of course, they are long lasting and can be re-used for other events or special moments you’ll have in future.

A word of caution. Do not make use of your silk petals near open flames and on wet surfaces and floors.

How and where can you use silk rose petals in a wedding?

Silk rose petals have many uses. You can use them to decorate your wedding reception tables or around your wedding cake. You can sprinkle some petals in your guests’ favor bags or gifts.

You can decorate the aisle or pathway with them. Of course, you can give some to your flower girl for when she’s walking down the aisle, so that she can scatter them while she walks. This is perhaps one of the cutest moments in any wedding!

Silk rose petals also make for a great photo opportunity during your wedding toss.

Add that special touch to your big day with silk rose petals!

For more information on each set of silk rose petals, just click on the image

Brighten up your wedding decorations with these vibrant silk rose petals for weddings!

These gorgeous silk rose petals for weddings are perfect if you want to envigorate your wedding decorations or if you're planning on having a wedding color scheme that matches these rose petals beautifully.

We hope that you've enjoyed browsing through this section and that we've given you some lovely ideas to enhance your wedding decor.

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