Silk Hawaiian Leis Ideas

Give your special day a unique Hawaiian ambiance!

Silk Hawaiian Leis are a fantastic way to add some Hawaiian flavor to your special day. Silk flower Hawaiian leis can be used in many ways.

For example, you can use them to decorate your wedding ceremony venue or wedding reception tables. You can integrate them with your centerpieces.

Traditional flowers and greenery that were used in Hawaiian leis include the pikake, maile, white orchids and tuberose.

With fresh real Hawaiian leis, their shelf life is always at the back of the mind of whoever’s using them. This is why many opt for silk Hawaiian leis. Silk leis are as beautiful and last much longer. Not to mention the fact that they’re much cheaper too!

A symbol of love and respect, these gorgeous Hawaiian leis are sure to give your special day a dreamy, magical atmosphere!

silk Hawaiian leis

Flowers and Petals Hawaiian Leis

Instill a tropical feel to your big day with these lovely Hawaiian leis.

These cheap Hawaiian leis will put a smile on your guests' faces in an instant!

You can also use these silk flower leis to decorate your tables. Simply let your creativity run wild and you can do wonders.

Size: 40"

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silk Hawaiian leis

Assorted Colors Hawaiian Leis

These gorgeous vibrant Hawaiian leis are perfect to create a beachy, tropical feel to your big day.

No more worrying about how long your Hawaiian leis will last ... with these silk leis you can truly enjoy your special day without having to worry whether they'll hold up well for the duration of your event.

Size: 36"

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silk Hawaiian leis

Neon Colored Hawaiian Leis

Add a splash of color to your special day!

These lovely silk leis come in packs of 12.

Colors: Orange, Pink, Green and Yellow. Perfect for creating that much sought after beachy, tropical and Hawaiian ambiance.

Size: 36"

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silk Hawaiian leis

Blue & White Hawaiian Leis

These lovely silk leis are perfect if you want to match your leis with a blue color scheme.

Featuring tropical colored silk flowers, these leis measure 42" each.

Simply magical!

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