Shell Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

Perfect for a Sea Shell Wedding Theme, Beach Wedding or a Destination Wedding

A Shell Wedding Cake Topper is perfect for a beach wedding or a beach themed wedding. Seashell cake toppers are in fact one of the top favorites when it comes to beach themed cake toppers.

It’s of course the obvious choice for a sea shell wedding theme.

Some seashell cake topper ideas include …

- small resin bride and groom surrounded by a seashell base

- a large starfish decorated with bow and shells

- a big scallop shell as the main highlight and smaller seashells decorating the base of the cake topper.

- a simple scallop shell with faux pearls inside

- two white porcelain doves decorated with seashells at the base

The most popular types of beach wedding shell cake toppers usually have white sea shells but this is not obligatory.

Some couples choose their seashell cake topper in a color that matches their overall wedding color theme as well. Popular sea shell cake topper colors include pastel blue and light pink. Turquoise colored sea shells are also popular.

Want Shell Wedding Cake Topper Ideas? Have a look at these stunning seashell cake toppers below ...

For more information on each cake topper, just click on the image!

These seashell cake toppers are simply stunning!

Choose from a simple yet stylish heart-shaped topper, embellished with all sorts of seashells including a real starfish, a minimalist look with a starfish and some small shells complimenting it and much more!

A seashell cake topper is also an ideal choice for the DIY bride since it’s fairly easy to make this type of wedding cake topper yourself. Simple buy some seashells and you can let your creativity do the rest. If you’re going to be using real seashells make sure that they’re thoroughly cleaned!

Some couples also go for edible cake toppers making their wedding cake truly a work of art!

Your seashell cake topper can be as simple or elaborate as you wish and these type of cake toppers go well with all styles of wedding cakes, being two-tier, three-tier or whatever style and design you decide to go for.

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