Unique Seashell Placecard Holders Ideas

Enrich your sea shell wedding theme with these gorgeous shell place card holders …

Looking for beautiful seashell placecard holders? Choose from our selection of shell place card holders below. Celebrate your sea shell wedding theme in style!

Charming Seashell Placecard Holders Ideas

Simply awesome!

This is how best to describe these lovely seashell placecard holders. These shell place card holders come in sets of 12 and can be filled with your favorite treats. Yummy! Your guests will love them.

These lovely photo frames also double as seashell placecard holders!

These cute shell place card holders feature realistically colored seashells and starfish. Made of poly resin. Perfect for a Sea Shell Theme Wedding.

Capture the magic of the ocean with these lovely shell placecard holders.

The base of these placecard holders is made from resin that is specifically designed to look like sand!

Placecards are included.

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