Sea Shell Wedding Jewelry for a perfect Beach or Sea Shell Wedding Theme

Sea shell wedding jewelry comes in many shapes and sizes. Ideal for a beach themed wedding or a sea shell wedding theme, this type of jewelry can be made up of seashells, pearls, beads and also ocean sea glass.

Popular seashells that are used to make seashell wedding jewelry include nautilus seashells and scallops,. Starfish and sand dollars are also widely used.

Sea Shell Jewelry Ideas

sea shell wedding jewelry

This lovely 14k white gold plated 925 silver butterfly pendant is made from genuine sea shell.

A free 18 inches chain is included.

Dimensions of the pendant are 15.00 mm wide and 30.00 mm long.

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sea shell wedding jewelry

A free 18 inches chain is given with this gorgeous pendant.

This lovely gold plated 925 silver butterfly is made from genuine sea shell and compliments a beach themed wedding beautifully.

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