Sandcastle Wedding Cake Ideas

Perfect for a Beach or Sandcastle Wedding Theme!

When you choose to have a sandcastle wedding cake, you are not only adding a fun, fairytale element to your beach wedding, but you’ll also be showing off your sense of style and elegance.

sandcastle wedding cake

Photo courtesy of Jon Bolden

Some couples choose to have a gorgeous sandcastle cake strictly to compliment and enrich their Sandcastle wedding theme.

In this case, the cake is simply used as a stunning decoration.

They would then have another much plainer cake that will be served to the guests.

Some sandcastle cakes are extremely detailed and they’re literally works of art! Other “simpler” ones are just as gorgeous and perhaps surprisingly, not that difficult to make.

If you’re thinking of making your own sandcastle cake, you don’t need to make everything from scratch if you don’t want to.

For example, you can buy candy seashells, edible beach chairs and an assortment of other beach themed accessories to decorate your cake with.

sandcastle wedding cake

Photo courtesy of Susan Forbes

Sandcastle cakes are always a hit with wedding guests. This is mainly because they’re so much different from your usual traditional wedding cake. Plus who doesn’t like fairytales and simple, care free fun?

This is exactly the image that sandcastle cakes project!

TIP: If you're not 100% sure that you'd like to have a sandcastle cake, consider other themes that make for a great beach wedding cake!

For example, seashells are HUGELY popular as dreamy adornments to beach themed wedding cakes. Whatsmore, creating chocolate seashells is not all that hard either ... perfect for the DIY beach bride!

Just get some chocolate molds in the shapes of seashells, melt some chocolate and pour into the molds. Put them in the freezer to harden and you're good to go! Simply decorate your cake with strategically placed chocolate seashells to complete the beachy look.

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