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Get inspired by our selection of bridal bouquet pictures and photos of wedding flowers …

Our Pictures Wedding Bouquet section is aimed at those brides who are having some trouble coming up with ideas for their bridal bouquet.

pictures wedding bouquet

Get inspired with our selection of gorgeous bridal bouquet pictures. Your bouquet is a prominent feature in your wedding and something that your guests will immediately notice.

Your bridal bouquet should essentially reflect two things: your personality and the theme of your wedding.

So if you’re having an informal wedding, ideally the bouquet should not be all that elaborate. Such bouquets will fit in perfectly with brides who love the natural look, so they'll usually go for simple, stylish clothes and accessories in their everyday lives.

Another thing to consider would be the kind of flowers that you want to have and the amount. Do you want a big bouquet or would you rather have a small dainty bridal bouquet? Are you adamant at having fresh flowers or would you prefer to have artificial ones?

photos of wedding flowers

Both fresh and fake wedding flowers have their advantages.

Of course the beauty of fresh flowers is undisputed. However, if you’re getting a fresh bridal bouquet you would ideally have to collect on the day of your wedding. Otherwise the flowers would wilt. To minimize costs, pick flowers that are in season.

bridal bouquet pictures

Fake flowers are much cheaper and also a lot more versatile, in the sense that you can find artificial flowers in practically any color!

pictures of bridal bouquet

wedding flower pictures

With so many types of flowers to choose from, one can easily feel overwhelmed. For inspiration and ideas, have a look at wedding bouquet pictures in popular bridal magazines.

wedding bouquet pictures

You can also browse the Internet for photos of wedding flowers. Sometimes all it takes is a photo to help you decide on the type of flowers to choose and the most suitable colors.

When browsing pictures of the bridal bouquet, try to also have a look at some bridesmaid bouquet photos and also flower girl baskets and flowers.

This will hopefully help you create an image in your mind of how you’d want all the bouquets and flowers in your wedding to look like.

Also know when to stop looking.

Don’t keep browsing wedding flowers pictures forever, because after all, those photos are of other brides’ bouquets not yours. And everyone has different tastes and preferences when it comes to bouquets and flowers.

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