Unique Palm Tree Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

Perfect for beach destination weddings or a tropical themed wedding

Looking for unique palm tree wedding cake topper ideas to compliment your tropical wedding theme?

A top favorite for beach destination weddings and tropical wedding themes, these gorgeous wedding cake toppers will literally steal the show!

To get more information on each topper, just click on the image of the topper

Two palms swaying in the wind, bending to form a heart.

These palm tree cake toppers can be given center stage by leaving them on their own or you can compliment them by surrounding them with flowers, seashells, etc. It's all up to you.

Simply gorgeous! This is how best to describe these beautiful stylish palm tree cake toppers.

If you've always liked the simple and minimalist look, then we're sure that you've already chosen your ideal topper from the three!

These cake toppers can be used on both large and small wedding cakes.

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