Orange Beach Weddings Guide

Info about getting married in Alabama, best locations at Orange Beach and more ...

Our Orange Beach Weddings page provides an overview on one of the top favorite locations for getting married in Alabama.

Looking for hotels in Orange Beach Alabama that host beach weddings? You’ve come to the right place. In this section, we highlight some of the best beachfront Orange Beach Alabama hotels.

orange beach weddings alabama

Beach weddings in general have been enjoying an upward trend for years now and it’s no different with Orange Beach Alabama weddings.

What’s not to like about beach weddings at Orange Beach!

You save money, you and your guests will spend a couple of days in paradise and there’s plenty of things to do here to keep you entertained for weeks if you wanted to.

As regards to your marriage license, you can purchase this at any courthouse in Alabama.

There’s no waiting period and once you get your license, your wedding must be held within 30 days.

Currently, no permits are required for a beach wedding. However, if you’re planning a big beach wedding, then it’s recommended that you contact the City of Orange Beach. You can contact them via their website here.

orange beach weddings alabama

At Orange Beach you will also find city facilities for rent for your wedding reception. These include the Orange Beach Adult Activity Center, Orange Beach Art Center, Orange Beach Community Center and the Gulf State Park Beach Pavilion.

Some beachfront hotels in the area that you might want to check out for your wedding reception, include the Hilton Garden Inn, Caribe Resort or the Perdido Beach Resort.

You might also want to consider contacting Realty offices in the area for advice on the availability of wedding-friendly beach houses in the region.

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