Nautical Wedding Invitations Ideas

Impress your guests at your Nautical Themed Wedding with these stylish invites!

Nautical wedding invitations are perfect if you love sailing, yachts and that feeling of freedom that the open ocean gives you.

Usually these types of wedding invitations are simple, stylish invites with blue being the predominant color and white serving as a background.

Popular designs include images of knots, anchors, sailing boats and yachts.

Some nautical wedding invitations depict more “abstract” or beach themed generic images and designs. These designs may include abstract drawings of waves and the ocean, beach flowers, coral or seashells.

Designs with lighthouses in them are also a popular choice for these types of invitations.

Sea food features heavily in nautical themed weddings and sometimes this is depicted in the invites as well.

Other popular designs include pictures and patterns of the ocean, a lake, waterfalls, dolphins, palm trees, tropical flowers and sea horses.

Looking for Nautical Wedding Invitations? Have a look at our selection of elegant nautical themed wedding invites ...

Have your guests longing for distant shores with these stylish nautical wedding invitations.

Your invitations play an important role in getting your guests excited about your big day. These beautiful wedding invitations will do just that!

If you like simple and natural things, you’ll love these lovely nautical wedding invitations!

Wind-rustled sea grass depicted in subtle, laid back colors will have your guests dreaming of your big day as soon as they get your invites.

These nautical wedding invitations will have your guests counting the days to your wedding. Literally!

These stylish invitations are perfect for beach themed and destination weddings.

These charming nautical wedding invitations are sure to be a hit with your guests.

Laid back and elegant, these lovely invitations will leave your guests wanting more. Perfect for building anticipation to your big day!

These cute nautical wedding invitations will set the scene for fun times ahead!

A simple and contemporary design is just what you need to invite your guests in style.

Absolutely gorgeous!

These beautiful nautical wedding invitations will wow your guests with their sleek style. You’ll have them counting the days to your wedding in no time!

These elegant nautical wedding invitations are perfect for nautical themed weddings and destination weddings.

Simple, stylish and elegant. Perfect to show off your sophisticated sense of style!

These chic and unique nautical wedding invitations are sure to wow your guests.

Get them talking about your upcoming wedding with these beautiful whimsical wedding invitations.

Romantic seashell images set the scene for a perfect nautical, beach themed or destination wedding.

Get your guests excited about your big day with these lovely nautical wedding invitations.

What could be more playful and fun than lovely beach flowers adorning your nautical wedding invitations?

Set the scene for a fun filled wedding with these cute wedding invitations.

These types of invitations are also a good match if you plan to get married on a boat or a cruise ship. A lot of couples even have a photo of the specific boat or ship printed on their invites. This will definitely add a special personal touch to your invitations.

Nowadays, there are many online vendors that are well stocked with nautical themed wedding invitations, so it shouldn’t be a problem for you to find just the perfect design and style! Of course you can always shop locally for your invitations.

Nautical wedding invitations work best if they have a somewhat simple design and perhaps one or two nautical related things.

The end result is usually much more stylish if the focus is simply on an anchor or sailing boat for example.

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