Mens Hawaiian Wedding Shirts Shopping Guide

Make your Hawaiian Wedding Theme extra special with these beautiful Hawaiian Wedding Shirts

mens hawaiian wedding shirts

If you’ve just started looking for Mens Hawaiian Wedding Shirts, you might be thinking that this is going to be an easy task.

But the vast range of Hawaiian wedding shirts available can make you feel truly overwhelmed at times!

So what are the things that you need to keep in mind when choosing a Hawaiian wedding shirt?

Most men are not that particular when it comes to groom’s attire.

So choosing to have Hawaiian wedding shirts for the groom and groomsmen is one thing that will usually go down well. Everyone knows that these type of shirts are very comfortable. Perfect for a summer beach wedding!

However, don’t be fooled by their casual and care free look. There are still some things that you need to consider before choosing your Hawaiian wedding shirt.

Mens Hawaiian Wedding Shirts: Things to consider

Tip #1

First things first.

If the bride is going for a more “formal” wedding dress, you might want to scrap the idea of getting mens Hawaiian wedding shirts all together.

The groom’s attire should always compliment the bride’s and Hawaiian wedding shirts would not be appropriate in this setting, even if you‘re having a beach wedding. So remember that the level of "formality" in the groom's attire should reflect that of the bride.

Tip #2

Look beyond the bride. You need to consider what the bridesmaids are wearing and also what your wedding color scheme is going to be.

Tip #3

Be inspired by nature. If you’re getting married on a beach, look around you and choose colors that will compliment the color of the sand, rocks, sea, sky and any other colors present.

Popular colors that blend in well with the natural colors that you’ll get on a beach are shades of brown, orange, blue, green and also white.

Tip #4

Every beach wedding is different. Why? Because all couples are different and the accessories and décor that you choose will dictate how your guests will perceive your wedding. What general feeling do you want to project at your wedding? Semi formal and elegant? Stylish yet casual? Fun loving and care free?

Whichever ambiance you decide to create, the groom‘s attire must reflect that too!

So for example, if you‘re going for a semi formal Hawaiian wedding theme, consider getting dark blue wedding Hawaiian shirts. They‘re casual but the dark color will make them seem more “formal“ than if you chose a multi colored Hawaiian wedding shirt.

Tip #5

Consider the pants. Will the groom be wearing short pants or long? What color will they be? This will make a great difference in the level of “formality” that the end look will have. Short pants will of course make the look much more casual, while long pants will make the groom’s look more “formal”.

Imagine what the shirt and pants will look like together. Will the end result be too casual for your liking? Can you formalize the look more by choosing a different color and pattern for the shirt?

A Hawaiian wedding theme is usually a casual affair but this is YOUR wedding. Take advantage of the many colors and patterns that are available to get the look that is just right for YOUR wedding!

Tip #6

Don’t forget the accessories! A Hawaiian wedding shirt will look “different” when the groom is wearing a necklace or leis. Picture the finished look. Will the color and patterns of your mens Hawaiian wedding shirts be a little bit too much as soon as the groom and groomsmen put on their Hawaiian wedding leis?

What about the groom’s boutonniere? Will this “clash” with the colors of the shirt?

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