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Ideas & Tips on Groom Beach Wedding Attire

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Shopping for Mens Beach Wedding Attire is not usually a difficult task.

However, there are quite a few things that one needs to consider.

Ideally, the groom’s attire should be co-ordinated with the bride’s and the bridesmaids. So essentially, all you need to do is select the groom’s attire after you’ve made a final decision on your wedding dress.

This section focuses mainly on the styles of shirts to go for.

If you're looking for tips and advice on best beach wedding groom pants and footwear, go to our Groom Beach Wedding Attire page for more information.

Think about what material your dress will be … will you be adding any colors to the traditional white or ivory dress?

What about your bridesmaids? What colors would they be wearing?

Choosing the mens beach wedding attire after you take into consideration the above factors will seamlessly harmonize the whole look.

Also think beyond what you and your bridesmaids will be wearing … The overall look will also be greatly effected (positively) by your natural beach wedding setting. So think of colors that will compliment the sand, the ocean, sky and any foliages that might be present on the beach.

Keeping these colors in mind and choosing the mens attire accordingly is guaranteed to produce stunning results!

It’s very rare that a groom wears a full-blown tuxedo to a beach wedding. Instead, loose flowing shirts are the order of the day when it comes to mens beach wedding attire.

But you have to be careful to choose shirts and pants that are casual and yet stylish. Fortunately for you, there are many wedding vendors and shops that stock an assortment of shirts and pants that are suitable for a beach wedding or a beach themed wedding.

mens beach wedding attire

Groom Beach Wedding Attire: Shirts

You have plenty of shirt styles to choose from. You can go for the ever popular Tropical Style Shirt ... choose from Havana Shirts, Guayabera or Mens Hawaiian Wedding Shirts. Maybe a Batik shirt ... with a pair of linen riviera pants.

You can choose either a short sleeved shirt or a long sleeves one. If you know that you'll be having hot summer weather, then go for short sleeves.

Plain white linen shirts also look gorgeous. If you're going for Hawaiian Aloha Shirts make sure that they're tasteful. It's a wedding after all!

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What about colors?

White is of course the most popular but you can also choose from stylish pastel colors or take a particular color from your bridal dress and find a shirt in that color.

If your wedding is going to be a really casual one, you can also use bold colors and even patterns. Go easy on the patterns though. Remember to stay stylish and don’t overdo it.

Mens Beach Wedding Attire: Fabrics

Cotton and linen look great at a beach wedding. Plus they’re also fantastic for keeping cool in the hot summer sun. Seersucker fabric looks great for pants too.

Some grooms go for silk. Although this type of material looks stunning and is especially stylish, be aware that it is not as durable as linen and cotton and it also stains easily with perspiration.

As regards to pants, the groom also has the option to wear shorts. That is if you will be wearing a very informal dress.

If your beach wedding is going to be a more formal one, the groom can wear a seersucker suit. This type of fabric is ideal for hot summer months and is very comfortable to wear.

And footwear?

If you're going to go barefoot, then the groom should follow suit.

However, if you're going to be wearing bridal flip flops or shoes, then the groom can wear a pair of nice stylish open-toed leather sandals.

What about the guests?

If you have someone in your family or your group of friends (and who doesn’t?) who you know will probably turn up in a tshirt, jeans and baseball cap, then you must find a way to subtly inform this particular person of your desired dress code.

Most couples in fact, provide dress guidelines in their invitations, because a lot of men don’t have a clue what they should wear at a beach wedding.

Best places to shop for Mens Beach Wedding Attire

When it comes to groom beach wedding attire, the list of places to shop from is literally endless!

Due to the casual factor of this type of wedding attire, you can easily find gorgeous shirts and pants in many casual wear stores. The good thing about this is that they don't necessarily have to be wedding shops and so there's a good chance that they'll have many inexpensive options.

You can also shop for mens beach wedding attire online.

We hope that you found our Mens Beach Wedding Attire section helpful. Time to do some shopping now!

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