Inexpensive Wedding Flowers Shopping Guide

Tips and advice on artificial wedding bouquets, cheap wedding bouquets and much more …

inexpensive wedding flowers

Looking for inexpensive wedding flowers?

Many brides try to save money on flowers.

That doesn’t mean that their bridal bouquets and flowers will look cheap though.

On this page, we provide guidelines and tips on how to lower the costs of your wedding flowers.

You'll also get pointers on where to find cheap wedding bouquets and much more.

How to shop for inexpensive wedding flowers: Tips and Hints

- The first thing that you need to do is to picture your ceremony and reception venue. Where do you feel that you really need to have some flowers? Tip: If an area is already decorated with flowers, don’t add your own. It will only make it look cluttered.

- Check whether any flowers are included when hiring your reception venue.

- Always choose flowers that are in season. They are much cheaper. If you choose flowers that are not in season, you can expect to pay triple the price, if not more! You can ask your florist for advice on this.

- Decide on whether you’re going to have fresh or artificial flowers.

Nowadays, you can find some really beautiful artificial wedding bouquets and flowers. Silk flowers are gorgeous and readily available from many stores. You can find some great bargains on Ebay too. They cost much less than fresh flowers.

cheap wedding flowers

Fake flowers will also enable you to prepare them much earlier because they of course do not wilt. This will free up time for you to focus on other things.

Silk flowers also come in many colors. You can practically get them in any color that you wish.

- As with anything in your wedding, shop around!

You’d be surprised at how flower prices vary with each florist that you contact.

cheap wedding flowers online

Also look for small florist shops. Very often they can accommodate your requests just fine but with the fraction of the price of larger florists.

- Arranging the flowers ...

Do you know someone who is good at flower arrangements? Maybe you’ve dabbled a bit with this yourself in the past? Ask around and you’ll probably find that there IS someone who’s eager to help out with your flower arrangements.

- Think about cheap decorations and accessories that you can incorporate in your wedding flower arrangements to lower the amount of flowers you have to purchase.

- Depending on how formal you’d want your wedding to be, sometimes less is more with wedding flowers. For example, a wedding centerpiece does not necessarily have to be a large one to be impressive. Get creative.

If you’re having a beach wedding, then most probably you’re having a informal wedding so we recommend that the bridal bouquet also reflects the simplicity of the wedding theme. A simple, stylish bouquet with just a few flowers will look awesome in a beach setting.

Saving money with DIY or cheap bridal bouquets and flowers

- Consider learning how to make your own wedding bouquets.

It’s really not that hard. This is especially relevant if you’re currently planning your wedding way in advance. Don’t leave this until the last few weeks. You’re going to have too much on your mind then to be able to concentrate on learning new things.

inexpensive silk bridal bouquets

- Consider looking for cheap wedding flowers online. Search for wedding flowers packages.

Many online stores are nowadays offering bargain packages on silk flowers that usually include the bridal bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquets, groom and groomsmen boutonnaires and corsages.

Ebay is a great place for silk wedding flowers and other types of inexpensive wedding flowers. You can also find many types of beautiful flower petals at unbelievably cheap prices!

- Look for sales and discounted items. Sometimes you can find some real bargains on discount bridal bouquets and flowers.

- Don’t be shy to negotiate. Especially if you’re buying lots of stuff from the same store.

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