Flower Girl Updos Guide

Not sure how to style your little princess’s hair? Our Flower Girl Updos section provides some ideas and recommendations on flower girl hair styles where the girl’s hair is long, medium or shoulder length.

flower girl updos

Photo courtesy of Kendra L. Reemtsma

Flower Girl Updos: Tips & Advice

A rule of thumb for flower girl hairstyles is to keep it simple, fresh and soft.

Even if your stylist is likely going to spend a couple of hours on your flower girl, the end result should preferably look like something that did not require a lot of work.

Kids are beautiful just the way they are.

You don’t need to create very elaborate hairstyles to make them shine. Having said that, your flower girl will most probably be looking forward to wearing her lovely dress and getting her hair done up.

Flower Girl Hair Styles: Ideas & Inspiration

The secret with flower girl updos is to find a middle ground.

A style that will not make your flower girl seem too “grown up” but on the other hand you want a style that somehow matches with the rest of the bridal party’s hairstyles.

flower girl hair updos

Photo courtesy of Pham Photos

flower girl updo

Photo courtesy of Pham Photos

Hair accessories can really make your life easier when it comes to a flower girl updo. You can choose from a variety of tiaras, headbands, ribbons, hair combs and much more … one simple flower clip (or a few tiny flowers) will look gorgeous as well!

flower girl hair

Photo courtesy of Marloes Photoflash Photography

If your flower girl is a toddler than her hair will still be very fine and not too long. In this case, your best bet is to compromise. Put some of the hair up and leave the rest down. You can achieve this look with a nice hair comb, flower pins or other hair accessories. You can also use a small tiara to make the look more magical. Always choose a small tiara. The hair accessories that you use, should not take away the attention from the girl’s face. Keep it simple.

flower girl hairstyles

Photo courtesy of Pam Crowley

If your flower girl’s hair is long enough, you can gather up the hair in a bun. Secure with bobby pins. You can also put it up into a high ponytail. These type of styles look great with natural curly hair or you can curl the hair for the occasion.

You can dress this hairstyle up with a beautiful tiara.

Another thing to consider is that the updo you choose is comfortable. You don’t want your flower girl to keep pulling at her hair because the ponytail is too tight or because the accessories are not comfortable.

flower girl hair styles updos

Photo courtesy of Brian Johnson

Though not a complete updo, a cute style that will compliment your bridesmaids updos, is to gather a few strands of hair up on one side of the head and secure with a decorative clip (for e.g. a flower clip). Leave the other side of the hair down. In this way, you’re still styling your flower girl’s hair in a special way without being too elaborate. This style is also quite comfortable for little girls.

flower girl hair styles

Photo courtesy of Kendra L. Reemtsma

Finally, try not to stress too much about your flower girl's hairstyle. Your little princess will look adorable whatever style you choose!

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