Dolphin Wedding Invitations

Set the scene for your Dolphin Theme Wedding or Beach Wedding with these charming invitations …

Dolphin Wedding Invitations have always been a popular choice for beach weddings, nautical themed weddings and of course, a dolphin theme wedding!

And it’s not hard to see why because who doesn‘t like dolphins?

Dolphins are cute and wonderful creatures that are intelligent, playful and friendly. Few people can resist their ever smiling face.

Wedding invitations should reflect both your wedding theme and your personalities.

So if you’re a fun loving couple, a dolphin wedding invite may prove to be your ideal choice.

These type of wedding invitations usually have an elegant and sophisticated design to balance the "playful and care-free" images that dolphins usually conjure.

Feast your eyes on these magical dolphin wedding invites below …

dolphin wedding invitations

These two playful kissing dolphins will steal your guests’ hearts with their innocence and their love of life!

To enhance the beach themed effect, these gorgeous wedding invitations come adorned with seashells too.

These printable invitations are made from radiant white cards. Instructions on how to print these amazing invitations at home are given and they're very easy to follow.

You can customize your invitations by choosing from a host of beautiful envelopes.

More info

If you're not quite sure whether to get dolphin themed wedding invitations, visit our Beach Themed Wedding Invitations page.

On this page, you can find more information on other popular wedding invitation themes which are suitable for beach weddings and destination weddings.

Some of the top favorites include seashell wedding invitations, starfish invitations and nautical themed invites.

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