Destination Weddings Hawaii

A guide to your perfect Beach Wedding in Hawaii

Our Destination Weddings Hawaii section focuses on perhaps one of the most popular destinations for getting married on a beach.

When getting married in Hawaii, you can also get married near a waterfall or in a lovely Hawaiin garden but the most romantic and dreamy of all is the beach! And yes we’re very biased :)

Destination weddings in Hawaii have become very popular over the years. And for good reason too.

In addition to literally giving you the chance to get married in paradise, Hawaiin weddings are not as expensive as you might think.

If you’ve always dreamed of having a beach wedding in Hawaii, read on …

Destination Weddings Hawaii: First things first!

If you’re thinking of getting married in Hawaii, the first thing that you need to do is decide on which island you’re going to get married.

All Hawaiin Islands have many breathtakingly beautiful beaches so you might find it hard to choose at first. But in order to kick start your Hawaiin wedding planning, you really need to decide on the island first.

oahu beach weddings hawaii


Oahu Island is home to the famous Waikiki beach, Diamond Head and Honolulu.

The island is blessed with 23 state parks on the ocean and throughout the interior. Oahu also enjoys a rich history and is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts.

The island offers plenty of adventure opportunities such as surfing, mountain hikes, kayaking and golfing.

maui beach weddings hawaii


Maui’s beaches are legendary!

Think 33 miles of pristine beaches. But Maui is not just about beaches. On this heavenly tropical island, you can also go snorkelling, hiking, go bird watching, explore waterfalls, rainforests and more!

This island is also a haven for golfers.

For more information on beach weddings in Maui, visit our Maui Beach Weddings page.

kauai beach weddings hawaii


Famous for its natural beauty and range of activities, Kauai Island also offers many excellent golf courses.

Explore the beautiful Na Pali coast, Waimea Canyon and Fern Grotto.

The island can also be explored by kayak or boat.

lanai beach weddings hawaii


If you’re looking for secluded privacy, you’ll find plenty of that on Lanai Island.

Explore the charming town of Lanai City.

Check out the various outdoor activities and attractions that this island offers, such as the Garden of the Gods, Kanepu’u Preserve, pristine Hulopo’e Beach and Lana’i hale.

big island hawaii beach weddings


Sun, surf, the world’s most active volcano, water activities, eco-adventures, excellent golfing, white, black and green sand beaches, exotic rivers and much more.

This is the Big Island!

Explore the lovely town of Hilo, dubbed as the Flower Capital of the World! A multitude of national parks await you, together with many historical sites and attractions.

Destination Weddings Hawaii: Advice and Tips

We recommend that you hire a wedding coordinator. For someone not living in Hawaii, it can be quite overwhelming to plan and organize everything. Plus wedding coordinators in Hawaii are not that expensive. Remember, you have loads of stuff to think about for a perfect beach wedding in Hawaii. You have to think about your Marriage License, the Minister, the flowers and leis, venue decorations, etc.

Best time to get married in Hawaii is usually in the morning or late afternoon. This will help you avoid mid-day heat.

In order for you to have plenty of time to relax, it is recommended that you schedule your wedding day in the middle of your stay. This will give you time to settle down and check whether everything is going according to your plan.

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