Unique Destination Wedding Favor Ideas

Thank your guests with these original destination wedding favors!

In this section, we provide some unique destination wedding favor ideas that will surely wow your guests!

Destination weddings are constantly on the increase and there are many destination wedding favors that you can choose from. If you want to impress your guests, have a look at these beautiful destination wedding favors below ...

Destination Wedding Favor Ideas: Leave Your Guests Speechless!

destination wedding favors

Wood Treasure Chest Favors

These beautiful little treasure chests make for very original destination wedding favors!

Your guests will absolutely love these handcrafted treasure chest boxes. You can add liquor filled chocolate bottles inside.

You can even engrave the bottom of the box with a short personal message!

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destination wedding favors

Miniature Treasure Chest Favors

Take your destination wedding to a whole new level with these fascinating treasure chests.

Made of wood, these beautiful treasure chests have a metal latch. Special material is used to give these chests a rustic look.

Personalize these destination wedding favors with a special message on the bottom of the boxes. What kind of treasure will you put inside?

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destination wedding favors

Hand Made Eco Friendly Photo Frame Favors

These lovely photo frames are embellished with real seashells and are made from a tree bark.

The frame measures 8.25" by 6.75" and it can be engraved with a personal message.

A great destination wedding favor that your guests will treasure!

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destination wedding favors

Seashell Glass Ornament Favors

How about giving your guests this original clear glass ornament?

Filled with real sand and seashells, you can even add a "Thank You" scroll to include your very own personal message in the ornament. Many beach theme images to choose from.

For that something extra special, engrave your names or a short message on the ornament itself!

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destination wedding favors

Starfish Wooden Trinket Box Favors

These lovely trinket boxes are decorated with starfish and seashells.

Perfect for a destination beach wedding!

Personalize these gorgeous destination wedding favors by placing a special message inside the box.

You can also add confections, trinkets or potpourri. Engraving also available.

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destination wedding favors

Shells, Potpourri & Confetti Ornament Favors

Give your guests something different ...

These lovely glass ornaments are filled with potpourri, seashells and confetti.

For a personal touch, you can have your names engraved on the glass ornament.

A precious little something that will make your guests all warm and fuzzy!

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destination wedding favors

Island Theme Lip Balm Favors

These cute lip balms are completely organic. You can choose from a tropical beach design if you're having a tropical destination wedding or a lovely surf beach design.

These lovely destination wedding favors are ideal for beach weddings. Perfect for a Hawaiian themed wedding!

The lip balms are made from all natural ingredients.

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destination wedding favors

Palm Trees Placecard Holder Favors

Welcome your guests in style with these awesome placecard holders.

Your guests can then take the placecard holders with them as a keepsake.

These placecards can be also be used to display photos or love notes.

Perfect for a beach destination wedding or a tropical themed wedding.

Material: Silver plated.

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