Unique colored sand for a stylish beach wedding

Enrich your beach wedding décor with beautiful decorative sand!

Colored sand has many uses for many types of celebrations.

When it comes to weddings, decorative sand can truly make your overall ceremony and reception décor shine! Although it can be used in any wedding theme, colored or white sand is perfect for beach weddings and beach themed weddings.

It’s in fact the automatic choice for many beach brides since it has the ability to highlight a beach theme in style!

Decorative Sand Ideas

Want to enhance your beach wedding decorations with beautiful beach sand? Check out these gorgeous sand colors below!

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Ideas & Tips: How to enrich your beach wedding decor with decorative sand

Where can you use this type of sand? Decorative sand is of course the automatic choice for a sand ceremony.

But how can you use it further? You can use this type of sand to decorate your wedding centerpieces.

In fact, with a little bit of imagination and creativity you can potentially save money! Simply fill some clear glass vases or bowls with some sand. Depending on the type of containers that you’re using, you can decorate with seashells, starfish and pebbles.

You can also incorporate decorative sand in other table decorations that you might be using.

Colored sand can also be used in DIY beach themed wedding favors. In fact, it can really help add a professional touch when you’re making your own beach wedding favors.

For example, you could simply fill small bottles with the sand, add a couple of seashells and a thank you note in the form of a scroll with ribbon. Cork the bottle and you‘re almost ready. Finalize these cute favors with personalized, printed ribbons wrapped around the tops!

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