Clearwater Beach Weddings

Romantic weddings on the beach or on a floating chapel!

Clearwater Beach Weddings offer a multitude of locations where you can have that perfect beach wedding that you’ve always dreamed of.

Popular beaches in Pinellas County for beach weddings include Clearwater Beach, Indian Rocks, Tampa Bay, Redington Shores, St. Pete Beach, Treasure island, Sunset Beach, Fort Desoto and Sand Key Park.

A Clearwater beach wedding can prove to be quite an affordable option and you can find many inexpensive wedding packages in the area.

The Gulf of Mexico offers spectacular sunsets.

They truly make any wedding a beautiful dream come through.

Imagine you and your special one surrounded by white sands and listening to the sound of the ocean while you exchange your vows!

The whole Clearwater area is well catered for as regards to wedding vendors and suppliers so you don’t have to do much when it comes to getting married at Clearwater beach. You simply have to show up with the rings, marriage license and the groom of course ;-)

clearwater beach wedding

clearwater florida beach weddings

Want to add a little bit of luxury to your beach wedding? Why not get married at the Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort? This stunning resort can host wedding receptions for more than 1000 guests! The resort is in fact one of the largest you’ll find in this area.

Deciding to get married on a beach, automatically makes you a non-traditional bride. But why not take things further and literally get married on the water?

Check out the floating chapel at Clearwater! Yes you read right. A floating chapel. How awesome is that? This one’s the only floating chapel in the U.S.A. And get this … this seemingly tiny chapel can accommodate up to 125 people, so your family and friends can join in the ceremony as well.

The chapel cruises along the waters of Clearwater Beach while you are exchanging your wedding vows. Can’t get any more original than that! Once out of the chapel, you are instantly rewarded with fantastic views of the clear blue waters of the bay.

Definitely something to check out if you want to be totally original!

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