Cheap Wedding Supplies Ideas

Advice and tips on finding affordable and discount wedding supplies

Looking for cheap wedding supplies ideas? You’ve come to the right place.

cheap wedding supplies

In this section, we show you where to look for wedding vendors that supply cheap wedding accessories, decorations and gifts as well as give you some ideas on how you can save big money on your wedding supplies!

Cheap Wedding Supplies: Make your own!

If you’ve dabbled with crafts before, then why not make your own wedding supplies or at least some of them?

Wedding favors are a popular item which a lot of brides do themselves with the help of their family and bridesmaids. And besides, it can also be a fun and bonding experience to gather up, chat and laugh while you’re doing the wedding favors.

Packing the favors yourself in lovely wedding favor boxes can also save you money.

Discount Wedding Supplies: They do exist!

Many online wedding vendors, have special sections on their websites wherein they showcase their cheap wedding supplies, discontinued or clearance items. Most of the time, these wedding supplies are priced incredibly low, so why not take advantage of discount wedding supplies and get creative!

bulk wedding supplies

Another place where you can find cheap wedding supplies is to look for wholesale items.

If you start your wedding planning early, you can easily grab some fantastic bargains with wholesale wedding supplies.

Also look out for end of season sales!

Wedding costs add up and without you even noticing you can easily go way above your budget.

We recommend that you set a definite budget before you start buying stuff and more importantly stick with it!

Remember, there really is no need to buy “everything” in sight. A few well thought out accessories and decorations can make a huge difference. Less is really more in this case!

Bulk Wedding Supplies: Split the costs!

Believe it or not, your age can make a difference and even save you money on wedding supplies. Why is that? Because if you’re at an age where most of your friends are getting married, you can split costs on re-usable supplies!

Do you have a close friend who’s also getting married in the next couple of years? Why not split the costs on the centerpieces for example? Your friend can change and add a couple of accessories to make her centerpiece look different than yours, so this can be a real win win situation!

Maybe you could share silk wedding flowers. For example, you can share the white ones and then each bride can buy her own colored flowers. Again, wedding flower arrangements for both will look totally different and yet you‘re sharing the costs of the white flowers! Look for vendors who offer bulk wedding supplies and you’d be amazed at the savings that you can make.

You can also rent out some of your wedding supplies. There are many vendors who offer wedding supplies rental options. You may find a few in your locality as well.

Saving a little bit here and there on your wedding is no rocket science! You just need to plan ahead and do your homework. With the help of the Internet today, you have a vast range of vendors that offer cheap wedding supplies.

You might want to check out the following online vendors … (Up to 75% savings) (Up to 50% savings)

Very Cheap Wedding Invitations

very cheap wedding invitations

Wedding invitations can really add up to your budget if you're not careful.

Luckily nowadays, there are many places where you can find inexpensive wedding invitations.

If you dabble a bit with crafts, you can go a step further and make your own wedding invitations.


Cheap Wedding Programs Ideas

cheap wedding programs

A lot of couples try to economize on their wedding programs, because some styles and designs can be really expensive! Cheap wedding programs do exist though.

And the good news is that wedding programs are not a must.

However, there are some instance where a wedding program is essential.


Cheap Wedding Cake Ideas

cheap wedding cake ideas

Looking for ideas on how to minimize your wedding cake's costs?

Wedding cakes are expensive. There's no doubt about that.

But if you know where to look and if you do some research, it's not that hard to find inexpensive wedding cakes.


Cheap Wedding Album Ideas

cheap wedding album

If you're currently looking for an inexpensive wedding photo album, you know how hard it can be to find good quality yet affordable albums.

With wedding photos, you need to be careful to find an album that will protect your precious photos for years to come.


Cheap Wedding Guest Book Ideas

cheap wedding guest book

If you're looking for ideas on where to shop for cheap and discount wedding guest books, read on.

Your wedding guest book should ideally reflect your wedding theme, but of course it doesn't have to cost a little fortune!

A new wedding guest book trend has recently seen an increase in popularity.


Cheap & Discount Wedding Napkins

discount wedding napkins

Wedding napkins are of course a must in any wedding.

Many couples look to minimize costs by buying cheap wedding napkins. You can easily find inexpensive wedding napkins.

However, there are some important things that you need to consider BEFORE getting your wedding napkins.


Cheap Wedding Chair Covers Ideas

cheap wedding chair covers

If you're not careful, your wedding chair covers can end up taking a big chunk out of your wedding budget.

This is especially true if you're going to have a big wedding.

With some thought and a little bit of research though, you can really minimize costs.


Cheap Bridesmaid Gifts

cheap bridesmaid gifts

The Internet has made things much easier when it comes to finding cheap bridesmaid gifts.

What you need to do to ensure that the bridesmaid gifts that you buy are loved and appreciated, is to make sure that you know your girlfriends' tastes and passions thoroughly.

Sometimes all it takes is just a little bit of research to find just the perfect affordable gift for your bridesmaids.


Cheap Groomsmen Gifts

cheap groomsmen gifts

If you're currently looking for affordable groomsmen gifts, you know that it can be quite hard to find inexpensive gifts that do not look cheap.

Plus you have to be careful that you're getting your groomsmen something they'll like.

So traditional groomsmen gifts are not always the best way to go.


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