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If you’re looking for information and advice on cheap wedding ring sets, look no further.

cheap wedding ring sets

In this section, we outline some of the things that you need to consider when you’re shopping for affordable and discount wedding ring sets.

Over recent years, demand has grown immensely for 2 or 3 wedding ring sets.

The 3 ring sets are made up of the woman’s engagement ring and her wedding ring and also the groom’s wedding band.

The rings will usually have some similarities. For example, they may be made up of the same metal or some aspects of the design may be similar.

Two ring sets can be either the woman's engagement ring and her wedding band or just the bride's and groom's wedding bands.

The styles of these wedding ring sets vary greatly.

You can have an engagement ring and wedding band that can be worn separately and then you can have what is usually called an integrated ring set. This means that these rings are originally designed to be worn together. The wedding band is usually designed in a way to “blend” in with the engagement ring.

The major savings in wedding ring sets, lies in the fact that you are getting 2 or 3 rings with one purchase.

So although, you may see it as a huge expense if you’re only thinking about getting an engagement ring at this point, you will of course reap the rewards later on when you’re ready to get your wedding bands.

There is also the allure of having matching rings.

bridal ring sets

Popular metals for wedding band sets include platinum and white and yellow gold.

For more affordable sets though, look for sterling silver wedding ring sets or cubic zirconia wedding ring sets.

Although as a metal, silver is less durable than platinum and gold, it's still quite popular with budget conscious couples. After all, you can always upgrade your rings at a later stage.

Wedding Ring Sets: Concerns and Disadvantages

One of the major disadvantages that brides seem to find with integrated rings, is the fact that they can’t really be worn separately.

Also there would be a problem if one of the rings got lost. You’d end up with “half” a ring so to speak.

Another concern some brides have is, that if you wanted to eventually pass your engagement ring as a heirloom, it’s practically impossible to do so with an integrated ring set.

Then there’s the issue that if you’re not going to be wearing your engagement ring everyday, your wedding band will look “incomplete” without it.

cheap matching wedding band sets

Some couples also find it very hard to find a 3 wedding band set which both of them like!

It’s difficult for a jeweler to be able to offer customization options with these types of engagement and wedding rings.

Some online wedding vendors that you might want to consider for cheap wedding ring sets are: (for wholesale wedding ring sets)

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