Cheap Wedding Jewelry Guide

How to shop for discounted jewelry, cheap costume wedding jewelry, destination wedding jewelry & more …

Cheap wedding jewelry can really cut costs for the budget conscious bride. And the good thing about it is that it doesn’t have to look “cheap” to be cheap!

Nowadays, there’s a whole range of options that you can choose from, when you're shopping for cheap costume wedding jewelry, destination wedding jewelry or discounted and bargain wedding jewelry.

Perhaps the no. 1 “secret” that a lot of brides overlook, is the fact that you don’t necessarily have to look for wedding jewelry in a bridal shop.

Just like you can find that perfect informal wedding dress that you’ve always dreamed of, in a small corner boutique shop, you can also grab yourself a bargain when it comes to bridal jewelry.

Same goes for your bridal party jewelry. These tiny local shops are indeed quite often a great place to shop for cheap wedding jewelry.

An important factor that will determine whether your wedding jewelry will be affordable, is of course the material that it is made of. Consider costume jewelry, silver-plated or gold-plated (as opposed to solid silver & gold) jewelry and the use of inexpensive pearls.

With the exception of costume jewelry, these subtle differences in material are hardly noticed by the average observer and can save you loads of money. When it comes to costume jewelry, usually the styles and designs are so beautiful that it doesn’t really make any difference to the end result, no matter how cheap their price is.

Buying cheap wedding jewelry: Additional tips …

Don’t be shy to ask for a discount. While it’s highly unlikely that the shop assistant will suddenly half the price for you if you asked, sometimes all you need to ask for is a small discount and they would happily oblige in order to get your business, especially if you’re shopping for other items as well from the same store.

Consider renting or borrowing your wedding jewelry. This option is ideal for those brides that know that they won’t be wearing their wedding jewelry ever again.

Maybe you have your eyes set on an elaborate piece of bridal jewelry that will dress up your otherwise plain wedding dress. You would love to wear it on your wedding day, but deep inside you know that you won’t likely wear it again because it’s not really your style of jewelry. Why not see whether it’s available for rent?

A lot of brides also turn to borrowing their wedding jewelry. While it can be difficult to borrow a whole set of wedding jewelry, it will surely help your budget if you could borrow at least the bridal necklace, or earrings.

Maybe your mom or a special aunt have a stunning piece that you could borrow … your grandmother may have a gorgeous vintage necklace …

This is really a win win situation, because you’ll be saving money and still look stunning and your mom, aunt or grandmother will be honoured and beaming with pride when they see you wearing their favorite jewelry on your special day!

If you have dabbled with making your own jewelry in the past, why not make your own wedding jewelry as well! There are many craft stores that cater for the diy jewelry maker. You can also get your supplies from eBay. Now that's one type of cheap wedding jewelry that you'll most definitely have no problem showing off!

Shopping for discount and cheap wedding jewelry: Additional advice …

Buying the wedding jewelry is one of the most enjoyable things for a bride to be.

Remember to keep things simple. Less is usually more when it comes to jewelry. We know that you want to look your best on your wedding day, but if you’re not used to wearing chandelier earrrings for example, you should consider wearing your usual style of earrings.

Dramatic changes can possibly make you feel uncomfortable. Plus you want the groom to hopefully recognize you when he first sees you at the ceremony ;-)

Your jewelry should compliment your wedding dress and it should also reflect the formality of your wedding. So beach wedding jewelry for example, should be simple and casual.

Your bridal dress neckline will also dictate what style of jewelry you should choose. Strapless and low necklines are great to showcase a stunning necklace. On the other hand, if you’re going for a high neckline, than your earrings will probably be the center of attention.

With the help of the Internet, you can browse and compare prices of affordable wedding jewelry with just a few clicks. Many brides in fact, buy their jewelry online. Always look for testimonials or customer reviews of the jewelry.

Ebay is a great resource for finding cheap wedding jewelry. Here you can find a whole range of stores that sell bridal and wedding jewelry at incredibly affordable prices. Remember to always read the store’s customer feedback section and to check delivery dates.

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Remember that just by doing a little bit of homework, you will soon realize that cheap wedding jewelry is not a myth but a reality.

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