Cheap Wedding Hair Accessories Ideas & Tips

Where to find discount wedding hair accessories, used wedding hair accessories & more …

cheap wedding hair accessories

When it comes to cheap wedding hair accessories, there are many things that you can do to save money.

Some brides opt to go for used wedding hair accessories. If you have a friend or relative who has recently got married, simply ask whether you can borrow their wedding hair accessories.

If you feel that some of your guests will recognize the hair accessories, then all you have to do is to change them slightly or glam them up a bit to make them unique to your wedding. You can always transform them to their original state after the wedding, when you’re returning them back to their owner.

If you’ve just started thinking of what types of wedding hair accessories you would like to have, stop!

The first thing that you need to do BEFORE thinking of flowers, tiaras, etc is to decide whether you’re going to have a veil. Nowadays, many brides are choosing not to wear a veil.

There are many reasons for not wearing one. Comfort is one of them. The location of your wedding will also dictate whether a veil is suitable or not. For example, if you’re a beach bride and you’re going to literally get married on a beach, then a veil may not be very appropriate.

In fact, a lot of beach brides do not wear veils and simply adorn their hair with gorgeous flowers or accessories.

If you’re not wearing a veil, then you have total freedom of how to wear your hair and what accessories to go for.

cheap wedding hair accessories

Popular wedding hair accessories include one large flower (our favorite for a beach wedding), tiny flower accessories, hairpins and combs.

Wedding hair pearl accessories, headbands and tiaras are also popular.

Try to wear something that goes with your personality, so for example if you usually like simple, natural things, just choose a lovely fresh flower (or silk flower) and pin it through your hair. You can wear your hair up or down.

You will look absolutely gorgeous … guaranteed!

Cheap Wedding Hair Accessories: Where to find them

As with many wedding things, you’d be surprised where you can find some nice hair accessories sometimes. You can start by browsing through accessories at your local department store, accessories shop or craft shop.

If you’re clueless at what style of accessories you’d like, we recommend that you browse through some wedding websites like this one or bridal magazines. This is just to get an idea of what’s available. The choice of wedding hair accessories is huge!

Try to draft a short list of what accessories will go well with your type of hair and the dress that you’ll be wearing.

When you’re better informed, you can then start looking for stores which stock the kind of wedding hair accessories that you’re after.

There are also countless online vendors that stock gorgeous wedding hair accessories at very affordable prices. Online vendors usually have better prices since most do not have a brick and mortar shop to run and maintain. This spells cheap and discount wedding hair accessories for you!

Ebay is also a great resource for cheap wedding hair accessories. You’ll find hundreds of wedding hair accessories on Ebay!

If we can give you just one recommendation on wedding hair accessories, then this would be it …

Do not go over the top! Less is really more with bridal hair accessories.

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