Cheap Wedding Guest Book Ideas

How to find discount wedding guest books and more …

cheap wedding guest book

Looking for a cheap wedding guest book?

Read on for some helpful tips on where to find inexpensive or discount wedding guest books and what to do to make your wedding guest books truly unique.

Traditionally, the wedding guest book was one of the main sources that a couple could go to for recounting and reliving memories of their special day and also to organize their thank you notes.

However nowadays, the need of having a wedding guest book has diminished somewhat.

That doesn’t mean that it’s no longer used though. You just have to be careful to make it as interesting as possible, because who wants to browse through a bunch of signatures?!!!

First, you need to assign someone the job to stand next to your wedding guest book and make sure that everyone signs it as they are entering your reception venue.

It’s best if you take your guest book with you during your rehearsal dinner. Your family and close friends will probably have more time to sign it during the dinner as opposed to the reception.

Next, you need to think of ways to make it more interactive and engaging. Encourage your guests to comment on that special memory they have of you as a couple. Ask them to reveal their no. 1 secret for a happy marriage. You can be as creative as you want here.

As with anything in your wedding, the wedding guest book should reflect your personalities and the overall theme of your special day.

Nowadays there are many unique ways of having a wedding “guest book”. Some couples choose to have a framed photo of them and get it signed by all the guests. Others go for lovely ceramic platters where their guests can sign and comment with special pens.

When planning a wedding on a budget, you need to do lots of research to compare prices.

With the Internet, you can save a lot of time and money, since you can practically compare items with just a few clicks.

Here are some online wedding vendors that you might want to consider for a cheap wedding guest book …

Always be on the lookout for discounted wedding guest books from well established brands as well.

Sometimes, buying a wedding set can prove to be more affordable. Some of the things that may be included in these types of sets are the wedding guest book, matching pens, flower basket, pillow, garter and unity candle.

If you dabble a bit with crafts, you can also go for a DIY wedding guest book to minimize costs.

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