Cheap Wedding Decorations Guide

How to find inexpensive wedding decorations when shopping for wedding decorations on a budget

Cheap wedding decorations do not have to be less elegant or stylish. In fact, you’d be amazed at the fantastic deals that you can find just by doing a little bit of homework!

cheap wedding decorations

Wedding decorations of course, like anything else in a wedding, boil down to personal taste. However, as a general rule, less is usually more!

Keep it simple and stylish. Especially if you’re buying wedding decorations on a budget.

Cheap Wedding Decorations Ideas

Try to picture your ceremony location and reception venue. What is the absolute minimum that you would require to dress the locations up a bit?

Ask yourself, are your usual most popular types of decorations really necessary for your wedding?

Or can you get just a couple of gorgeous, attention grabbing wedding decorations and put the attention on them?

Don’t try to jam pack your reception venue with all sorts of decorations.

Yes, they will undoubtedly look gorgeous on catalogs, but don’t overdo it.

If you put way too much wedding decorations, your guests wouldn’t even now where to start looking! A few simple, striking yet cheap wedding decorations is the way to go.

Sometimes, just a few simple affordable wedding decorations strategically placed in your venue, can produce much more stylish results.

Think about what color scheme and textures you’d like to use, then decide whether you’d like your decorations to blend in with the setting or stand out.

If your reception venue already has a feature that is particularly striking in itself, don’t bury it and “hide” it with wedding decorations. If on the other hand, the venue needs “dressing up”, select a few unique and inexpensive wedding decorations to enhance the overall décor and feel.

Also make sure that you’ve visited the venue (if you can) at least once before you buy any wedding decorations. Is there a particular area that you’d like to “hide”? That’ll be a good area where you can place some lovely decorations!

You may want to start your wedding decorations planning with your centerpieces. This is because as a general rule, your centerpieces tend to get the most attention. So it’s really a waste of money, getting many other smaller decorations before you’ve decided on your centerpieces. You may very well find that you could have done away with lots of the smaller stuff!

When it comes to centerpieces, you can let your creativity run wild! And creativity is not always expensive :-)

Why not blend in some natural elements such as branches or fresh fruit? Placed strategically, they will make your centerpieces simply gorgeous! Sometimes, just a colourful and eye catching vase is all it takes to make your centerpiece impressive!

If you really start thinking about this, you’d be amazed at how many “free” centerpiece ideas you can come up with.

wedding decorations cheap

The Internet is choc-a-block with wedding vendors that supply discount wedding decorations and also wholesale wedding decorations if that’s what you’re looking for. So shop around and you can rest assured that you’ll find some great cheap wedding decorations ... sometimes at crazy low prices!

And a final word. If you’re going to have a special theme for your wedding, don’t go out and buy all that you can find with that theme! Remember, less is more! It really is :-)

Inexpensive Wedding Flowers

beach wedding music

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Cheap Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

cheap wedding centerpieces

Looking for simple and cheap wedding centerpieces? You're not alone.

Many brides shop for inexpensive wedding centerpieces, because as you've probably noticed, the more elaborate a centerpiece is, the more expensive it'll be.

Luckily, with a little bit of research, you can find yourself some great deals!


Cheap Wedding Cake Toppers Tips

cheap wedding cake toppers

Wedding cake toppers can be really expensive sometimes.

This depends mostly on the material that is being used.

This is why many budget brides spend hours upon hours hunting for that perfect and unique wedding cake topper that won't eat too much out of their budget.


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