Cheap Wedding Chair Covers

Rental Ideas & Wholesale Wedding Chair Covers Tips

Cheap wedding chair covers can make a budget wedding reception venue look like a million dollars.

For the record, it’s not obligatory to have wedding chair covers. But one has to admit that they do make the whole place more “complete”.

cheap wedding chair covers

However, there are instances where perhaps you’d be better off spending your wedding budget on other, more important things.

For example, if the actual chairs do not look shabby at all and they’re all matching, then you can do away with the covers.

If you’re having a small informal wedding and you’re only inviting a few guests then a few chair covers won’t really effect your budget all that much and you’ll possibly glam up an otherwise bland reception venue.

Something that can help you decide whether to get chair covers or not is to imagine your reception venue when it’s full of people with waiters serving up the food, guests dancing, etc. What do you see? Do you still see uncovered chairs as a big issue and possibly “spoiling” the overall romantic and sophisticated ambiance? Or will the chairs become practically “invisible”?

Remember, vacant wedding chairs look a whole lot different than chairs with your guests actually sitting on them!

Wedding chair covers can be expensive. In general, you can expect to pay anything from $3.00 to $7.00. And that’s without the sashes and shipping costs!

If you do decide to get wedding chair covers, you can try to minimize costs as much as possible by first doing some research online. See whether any vendors in your locality come up and compare prices.

If you’re going to have a big wedding, see whether you can get deals on wholesale wedding chair covers. Some couples go for used wedding chair covers. With used covers, make sure that they’re in optimal shape because if they “look” used, then maybe you’d be better off without them.

With used wedding chair covers, you can either buy them or rent them.

To compare prices online, simply search “wedding chair cover rental” or “wedding chair covers rental” on Google. Browse through the first few results and see whether you can spot a bargain.

Sometimes you can get dressier covers such as sequined wedding chair covers or satin covers for a great price. Remember that you will be needing organza sashes, so you have to take that into consideration when assessing rental rates.

Ebay is a great source for buying cheap wedding chair covers and also organza sashes and bows, so make sure to keep an eye on the various cheap wedding chair cover auctions that are held on this site.

Before buying the covers, you will need to know the type of chairs that you’ll be having. Make sure to outline clearly your chair type to the vendor in your order. This will eliminate any nasty surprises when the covers are delivered!

There are various styles of chair covers to fit different chairs so it shouldn’t be a problem to find just the right cover style.

After you get your covers and sashes, you need to designate someone (more than one person is better) to actually set the chairs up at your reception venue.

Some venues will fit the covers and sashes for you, so check that out first. It can save you a lot of time.

More often than not, the sashes are not tied so you will have to tie them yourself. Allow plenty of time for this because for a newbie, this may take some practice to perfect!

In addition, whether you’re buying or renting your chair covers make sure that the vendor tells you whether your covers will be readily ironed or not. Some vendors have lower rates specifically because their chair covers do not come ironed or have lower quality material that wrinkles easily. So be sure you know exactly what you’re getting.

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