Cheap Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

Looking for inexpensive wedding centerpieces?

cheap wedding centerpieces

Look no further.

Cheap Wedding Centerpieces may be hard to find at first.

But with a little thought, some research and a dab of creativity, you will succeed.

When you’re shopping for wedding centerpieces on a budget, you can easily get disheartened when you first see the prices of some centerpieces.

And of course, you won’t be needing just one centerpiece for your wedding, but most probably lots!

Read on for some helpful tips on how to find affordable wedding centerpieces ...

If you’re so inclined, you can make your own simple wedding centerpieces to spice up your reception venue.

Cheap Wedding Centerpieces: Ideas & Tips

Tip #1

Use small bud vases (bought in sets or in bulk) and make your own little bouquets. Use silk flowers to minimise costs as much as possible. Decorate with greens and ribbon and you’ve got yourself some original, simple centerpieces!

Tip #2

Get some pretty candle holders and glam them up with flowers or decorations related to your wedding theme.

Tip #3

Get creative and be original. Go for something different than your usual traditional flower arrangement. You know the good thing about being original?

You can keep on using your centerpieces long after your wedding day is over.

Think about unique centerpieces that will go well with your wedding theme BUT which you can use at home to enhance your décor! That way you don’t have to feel guilty about buying them.

Why not use plants as centerpieces? After the wedding, you can take them home and decorate your rooms, yard or garden accordingly.

Tip #4

Cheap and sweet. How about getting some baskets and fill them out with candy? You can decorate the baskets with ribbon to compliment your wedding color theme. Your guest will love them! Cute jars can do as well.

Tip #5

Shop with the end result in mind. That is if you find some nice jars on sale buy them. Happened to come across some gorgeous ribbon or glass beads in the clearance section of your local store? Make sure they’re color co-ordinated and buy them. Collecting these bits and pieces, here and there will save you loads.

All you have to do then, is to get that piece that will be the focal point of your centerpiece (for example, a candle or some flowers) and create your centerpieces.

Tip #6

Why not use photos of you as a couple for a centerpiece? To make things more interesting, include photos of you when your relationship was just blossoming. These photos will serve as great conversation starters.

Tip #7

Having a beach wedding or a nautical themed wedding? Why not use gold fish bowls for your centerpieces? You can put floating candles in them, flowers or candy.

Why not put real gold fish in them. That would certainly get the little (and not so little) kids’ attention!

Tip #8

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