Cheap Wedding Cake Toppers & Discount Wedding Cake Toppers Guide

cheap wedding cake toppers

A lot of budget brides realize that they need to find cheap wedding cake toppers well into their wedding planning process.

This is because although the wedding cake topper will be one of the main “attractions” in your wedding reception, somehow it’s not something that you would immediately think about when you first start shopping for your wedding accessories and decorations.

So with lots more stuff still on your shopping list, you may very well find that you have a very limited budget for your wedding cake topper.

Don’t fall into the trap of “ruining” your wedding cake by getting a cheap wedding cake topper of low quality. That would be a pity.

If you browse around, you will most definitely find a cheap wedding cake topper that does not look “cheap” and one that will do your wedding cake justice.

As you can imagine, wedding cake toppers come in all shapes and sizes. Choosing one may prove to be difficult with the huge selection available.

In fact, for more popular wedding themes such as beach weddings and destination weddings you will find a plethora of suitable cake toppers.

Choosing Cheap Wedding Cake Toppers

- Check your budget and make sure that with the purchase of your cake topper you do not go over your budget.

The best way to stay within your budget is to determine a price range for your cake topper. Once you know what prices you can afford, only browse those cake toppers that fall under that category.

- Know your wedding cake.

Decide where you want the main focus to be. Is it going to be the actual cake or the cake topper? Does your cake have an unusual design that you want to show off? If yes, than the cake topper should simply blend in and be as low profile as possible. Having a plain wedding cake? Glam it up with a gorgeous cake topper.

- The simpler the better.

Most of the time, the simpler the topper is, the less it will cost. To this regard, cheap monogram wedding cake toppers are very popular with budget brides because they are usually very affordable. This will hugely depend on the material of the cake toppers though.

- Still undecided? Why not ask your baker for advice? He or she will definitely be able to point you in the right direction.

- Remember that you will keep your wedding cake topper as a memento of your big day so choose something special. Special doesn’t have to mean expensive though.

Inexpensive Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

- Borrow your wedding cake topper. Maybe your grandmother’s or mother’s wedding cake topper is still in top condition. Why not borrow it?

- Decorate your wedding cake with artificial flowers and do away with the cake topper altogether.

- Hunt for unique wedding cake toppers in gift shops. Cute small porcelain figurines make for awesome cake toppers.

- Use a lightweight picture frame as your wedding cake topper.

- Get creative and make the wedding cake topper yourself.

Whichever style of wedding cake topper you go for, remember that it should compliment your wedding theme and reflect your personality.

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