Cheap Wedding Album Ideas

Thinking of making your own homemade wedding album? Want to know where you can find a discount wedding album?

Shopping for a cheap wedding album can be hard. Sure you’ll find many inexpensive ones but when you have a closer look at their quality, you will most probably cringe at the thought of having to put your fondest memories of your wedding day in these tacky albums.

Of course, there are then the stylish highly priced albums that look intimidating to even open or touch!

So where can you find a cheap wedding album that will protect your precious photos?

You’re on a tight budget and that’s OK. But before you go looking for a cheap wedding photo album, bear in mind that your photos will be one of the few things that will remain from your big day.

So it stands to reason to try to protect them as much as you can.

Ideally, your wedding album should have acid free paper and separators between each page to protect your photos. For further protection, the album should be placed in a box (most will have one when you buy them) with a sachet of silica gel to protect the photos from moisture.

Some vendors that you might want to consider if you’re looking for an inexpensive wedding photo album include:

You can also check out the clearance sections of established wedding vendors to see whether there is a particular discount wedding album that catches your eye.

Also consider putting your wedding photo album on your gift list.

Some couples also give small wedding albums to their immediate family. It’s a nice small gift for the parents of the groom and bride and you can rest assured that they will treasure it forever!

Make your own wedding album!

If you like scrap booking, then you will love making your own wedding album! You can collect mementos of your wedding day and include them in your album.

Things that you can include in your album are invites, the order of service, your guest list, paperwork about the flowers and dress, passages from the ceremony, wedding day cards, copy of the lyrics of your first dance, your newspaper announcement, your marriage certificate and also the handwritten papers that you wrote your personalized vows on.

Imagine how beautiful and romantic a homemade wedding album like that would be!

If your wedding dress requires substantial altering, keep any removed material so that you can decorate the cover with it.

You can put one invite on the cover and another one inside the album. Glam it up with confetti and other little things that will put a smile on your face and take you back to your special day, anytime you open your homemade wedding album.

You can also add little notes near the photos to personalize the album even further.

You can find many scrap book kits so it shouldn’t be that hard to put together a gorgeous handmade wedding album!

To minimize costs even further you can buy the proofs from your photographer. Proofs are usually small photos (they’re there to help you decide which photos to enlarge) but they’d still look lovely in your album.

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