California Beach Weddings

Recommended beaches for dreamy California destination weddings or free spirited California beach barefoot weddings …

California Beach Weddings have been popular with American couples for decades!

California is in fact one of the most popular beach wedding destinations in the U.S.A.

And for good reason too … think great weather almost all year round and plenty of romantic sandy beaches to choose from!

Beach Weddings in San Diego are very popular and some of the top favorite beaches there, are booked way in advance. Other popular locations in California for beach weddings include Newport Beach, Santa Monica, Coronado, Laguna Beach, Monterey, Venice Beach, Marina Del Ray, Malibu, Pebble Beach and Pismo Beach.

laguna beach california beach weddings

Laguna Beach - California

pebble beach california beach weddings

Pebble Beach - California

Before you start getting really serious with your beach wedding planning, we recommend that you first choose your location. With so many beautiful beaches in California to choose from, you may very well feel overwhelmed. But you really need to decide on the beach first, then start your planning.

As you might imagine, most of the weddings here are held in summer.

Malibu Beach Weddings

Malibu is mostly popular with couples wanting a more luxurious beach wedding. The city situated in western Los Angeles is home to many movie stars and celebrities.

Why not get married at the Malibu Nature Reserve? This place is not only gorgeous but by getting married here you will be also contributing to a worthy cause. How cool is that! You can choose to have a small informal celebration or a full blown formal wedding.

Marina del Rey

Marina Del Rey is the largest man-made marina in the world. It took an amazing 75 years to be built! Just 10 minutes away from Los Angeles International Airport, Marina Del Rey is jam-packed with restaurants and hotels.

The place is also popular for having a beach wedding. For more info on Marina del Rey beach weddings go to

Buckhorn Cove

This cove is a private inlet with cliffs, sea arches and a small island. The sandy beach is simply picture-perfect.

After your wedding, you and your guests can continue the celebration at the Inn at Schoolhouse Creek.

Muir Beach, Marin County

There’s something spiritually uplifting about this beach. With Mt. Tamalpais close by, your beach wedding here will be a truly free-spirited and non-traditional event.

Your reception can then be held at the Pelican Inn which is just two minutes away!

More information on this stunning beach can be found here.

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