Bridal Emergency Kit Guide

What you should have in your wedding emergency kit and more …

Looking for Bridal Emergency Kit tips? Thinking of assembling your wedding emergency kit yourself? Read on for valuable advice on what to include in your bride emergency kit.

Thinking ahead and being prepared for all eventualities is always a good thing when it comes to weddings.

A bridal emergency kit (also known as bride survival kit) will keep your mind at ease and you'll be “free” to enjoy yourself, knowing that you’re well stocked for those little annoyances that might occur on your big day.

Your main goal is to try to predict all the small things that might go wrong and ensure that you have everything you need to fix them.

Bridal Emergency Kit: Advice & Tips

First things first.

You need to find a tote bag where you can put all your stuff in.

Choose a bag with lots of room and preferably a bag that matches or compliments your wedding colors or theme.

You can even choose to go for a carry-on style suitcase. Although bigger than your usual kit, it’s definitely much more comfortable to carry around.

Who’s usually in charge of the Wedding Emergency Kit?

You could assemble the stuff yourself. For a lot of brides, the Maid of Honor or a responsible Bridesmaid will usually volunteer to put together the kit and bring it on your wedding day. If you’re hiring a wedding planner, than most probably he or she will take care of the bride emergency kit.

If you're pressed for time or you still need to concentrate your efforts on something much more crucial such as choice of wedding dress, etc, then there are many affordable bridal emergency kits that you can purchase. Have a look at this extensive selection below ...

To get the full details on each kit, simple click on the image. To scroll back or forth, hover your mouse over the top of the image and a scroll bar will appear.

Bridal Emergency Kits: List of Items

Some things such as tissues, safety pins, hair spray and lipstick are obvious. However, in order to assemble all the necessities, we recommend that you sit down for a few minutes, think carefully about what might happen, then list all the things that you would need to remedy the situation.

When you’ve drafted a list, leave it for a few days then go back to it. List any new items that you haven’t thought of before.

Here are some items that are essential in any bridal emergency kit and also some other stuff that we recommend you put in your kit “just in case” …

- sewing kit and threads matching your dress, bridesmaids dresses, groom and groomsmen attire

- glue

- extra buttons

- clear nail polish (perfect for fixing pantyhose runs)

- extra pairs of pantyhose

- spot remover, baby powder and white chalk (great for removing/covering smudges/spills on your dress)

- shoe polish

- extra pair of flat shoes or wedding flip flops

- iron

- lint brush

- bobby pins / corsage pins

- scissors

- hem tape

- handkerchiefs

- deodorant

- contact lens solution & case

- band aids

- mirror

- perfume

- make up

- make up remover

- hair elastics

- hairdryer

- lip balm

- masking tape / duct tape

- tweezers

- maps to ceremony & reception venue

- nail polish (the color that you will be using and also the bridesmaids’ colors)

- emery board

- lotion

- hair brush

- mints

- mouthwash

- toothbrush & toothpaste

- dental floss

- moist towelettes

- sunscreen

- tampons or sanitary pads

- cotton balls

- hand towel

- eye drops (especially if you’re going to be wearing contact lenses)

- extra pair of earrings (just in case you lose one)

- extra pairs of earrings backs

- some cash and change

- a list of important phone numbers (also include numbers that you might need in case of emergency such as cab phone numbers). Make sure that you have all your wedding vendors’ numbers and copies of their contracts.

- your marriage license (may sound obvious but there have been instances where couples forget this!)

- other legal documents

- a few snacks

- bottled water

- pain killers and medications

- headache tablets

- your cell phone (don’t forget to turn it off during the ceremony!)

- a digital camera

- straws (for drinking without messing your lipstick)

- insect repellent

- extra flowers (just in case some of the flowers wilt)

- sunglasses

- driver’s license or photo I.D. card

- notebook and pens

- portable flashlight

- umbrella

- wrist watch

- garter (for tossing during the ceremony)

- and of course, don’t forget your dress, veil, undergarments and shoes!

You may also consider buying a ready made bridal emergency kit like this one below.

Make sure to go through your list though and add any additional items that you think you might need. Also remind the groom that he needs to assemble an emergency kit for him and his groomsmen. You can also include all items in one wedding emergency kit.

A final word … When your big day comes, relax and enjoy yourself as much as possible. Even if a couple of glitches occur, don’t obsess too much about them and most of all, don’t let them ruin one of the most beautiful days of your life!

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