Beautiful Birdcage Veils For The Stunning Vintage Bride

If you’ve decided to go vintage, then there’s a good chance that you’re shopping for bird cage veils.

The ever popular birdcage veil is the epitome of elegant, romantic days gone by. This type of stylish veil has the ability to turn a simple gown into a full on vintage masterpiece.

These types of veils are suitable for both short and long hair, so you don’t need to have long, flowing hair to look good in one. In fact, having short hair makes the whole look more stylish and sexier.

In general, a bird cage veil is usually within chin length, so quite short. It’s also incredibly easy to put on as well. You can either put it in place with hairpins or if it comes with a hair comb, you just need to put it on!

Bird cage veils are the preferred choice for many modern brides because they’re also very comfortable to wear. No more carrying around a heavy, cumbersome veil!

These types of veils come in all shapes, colors and sizes. The favored color is white, but many brides also go for ivory. Others add a color accent to match their wedding color combinations. And if you want a totally unique look, you can go for a colored veil altogether.

Many are further accessorized with feathers, brooches, silk flowers or even jewels and pearls.

If you dabble with DIY crafts, you can also make your own birdcage veil.

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