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Our Beach Wedding Shoes section helps you decide on what type of bridal shoes to get for your beach wedding.

beach wedding shoes

Amazingly, something that most beach brides don't realize up until they're way into their wedding planning is …

“What kind of shoes am I going to wear to go with my beach wedding dress?”

Yes, perhaps the biggest dilemma for a beach bride is having to decide what kind of shoes to wear.

Beach weddings are all about freedom and informality.

However, many brides are still reluctant to do away with a pair of stunning high heeled bridal shoes and go for a more casual and comfortable pair instead. Especially if one of their favorite “obsessions” is shoes!

Beach Wedding Shoes: What to look out for ...

Before you even start looking for bridal shoes, make sure you know exactly what your wedding location is going to be like. Get familiar with the path that you're going to take for your grand entrance.

Will you have to go through a garden before you get to your beach? Can you honestly say that you'll walk comfortably down the “aisle” in a pair of stilettos?

Trust us, sand is sand and even if you cover it, chances are that you'll still go all wobbly with high heeled shoes. Do you want to look like you're drunk while you're walking down the aisle? You don't. Plus it will look awful on video as well!

There's nothing more unattractive and ridiculous even, then a beach bride that stubbornly chooses high heeled bridal shoes even though she knows that she'll literally be walking on sand! Not even the most gracious bride could pull that one off.

And, contrary to what you might think, your guests will NOT be all out to see what kind of shoes you're wearing. Your beach wedding dress (and hairstyle) will draw much more attention!

Beach Wedding Shoes: What are your options?

You may be surprised by this, but you DO have a few options when it comes to beach wedding shoes!

Option #1 – Barefoot Sandals

Go barefoot! This is perfect for the true Beach Bride … What can be more natural and carefree, then going barefoot on your wedding? Of course, not all brides will like this. Many in fact comment that without shoes they'd feel somewhat “naked”. And that is OK, on your wedding day you really want to wear things that you feel comfortable in. This will make your special day so much more enjoyable.

This might not be a good idea if for some reason, you're too self conscious about your feet. But if you're totally comfortable with going barefoot, then you can choose from a vast range of stunning bridal foot jewellery or barefoot sandals as they're also called. There's something so feminine, romantic and sexy at the same time about beach wedding foot jewellery …

Option #2 – Beach Wedding Flip Flops

You can get these specifically from bridal shoes suppliers or you can get a pair of regular flip flops and have fun decorating them yourself. You can decorate them with pearls, jewels, ribbons, etc. With a little bit of thought and creativity, a pair of bridal flip flops can be made to look a million dollars. Well almost :) If you'd like a bit of height, you can also find wedding flip flops with wedges.


Option #3 – Slip Ons

Another popular option is to wear slip ons. These type of bridal shoes are ideal if your ceremony will be on the beach and afterwards you'll be be having your reception inside. Slip ons are comfortable, yet stylish and you won't have that feeling of “unaddressed” feet. Make sure that you choose a pair of slip ons that go well with both your dress and your bridesmaids' dresses. This will give you all a co-ordinated and complete look.

Option #4 - Beach Wedding Sandals

A pair of strappy sandals can look stylish and gorgeous. They’re comfortable to wear and you can even have a low heel if you going for flat ones will make you feel awkward. There are some really sleek looking sandals around and if after the ceremony you’ll be going to a hotel or resort, then you’ll look fantastic with a pair of nice strappy sandals.

beach wedding flip flops

If you're looking for wide bridal shoes, visit our Wedding Shoes in Wide Widths page for ideas and tips on what to look for when buying wide width wedding shoes or extra wide bridal shoes.

We hope that you found our Beach Wedding Shoes section helpful. Always remember that comfort is a huge factor on your beach wedding, so choose your bridal shoes wisely!

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