Beach Wedding Music Guide

Wedding music ideas for a perfect beach wedding

If you’re looking for beach wedding music ideas, read on for advice and tips about what type and style of music you can choose for your big day.

beach wedding music

The music you choose for your beach wedding will essentially determine the overall feel that you want to give to your big day.

Do you want a beach wedding that is remembered as a fun, casual event, or would you like to have some classic romantic tunes that will make your wedding even more stylish.

Or it could be a mix of both, with the fun party tunes for the wedding party and the more classic tunes for the ceremony.

Whatever you choose, just make sure that you both agree on the play list.

Your beach wedding music should reflect both the bride and the groom’s personalities.

Another decision that you need to take is whether you will be having live beach wedding music. If this fits your budget, it will create a fantastic atmosphere for all present.

Popular choices are acoustic guitar, string quartets and steel drum bands. Of course, you can always hire a disc jockey.

Wedding Guitar Music: The perfect choice for your beach wedding

What could be more romantic than the light relaxing sounds of an acoustic guitar playing in the background?

Acoustic guitar wedding music has long been a top favorite with beach brides. An acoustic guitar has the ability to engage your audience no matter the age or music preference.

Somehow, as if by magic, a song that you may not find particularly appealing can transform itself in an instant hit just by playing it with an acoustic guitar!

Guitar music is also highly adaptable so if you have a particular song in mind, your guitarist will usually have no problem with adapting it for playing on an acoustic guitar.

Wedding Piano Music: A surprisingly popular choice with beach brides

Piano music is perhaps not immediately associated with a beach wedding. This is because a piano sounds too “formal” but you’d be amazed at the popularity that this type of music enjoys at beach weddings.

Beach brides may choose wedding piano music to add some “formality” to an otherwise informal event. Of course as with everything, you have to choose good quality music and ideally piano music that was adapted especially for beach weddings.

Fun Wedding Music

Depending on how casual and informal you want your beach wedding to be, you can also choose some fun party music for your beach wedding reception.

Beach Boys’ songs are a very popular option. Other old favorite summer tunes are sure to get even the eldest of your guests dancing along or at least clapping along. Caribbean dance music and Hawaiian style music is also a favorite option. Latin music is another top favorite.

Additional ideas for Beach Wedding Music

If you’re a 100% non-traditional beach bride, then you probably don’t want something traditional for your grand entrance at the ceremony.

Think about something unique and original … maybe a song that describes the beach scene, a beautiful instrumental from one of your favorite movies or a beautiful summer tune.

Beach wedding ceremony recessional music is usually fun and upbeat. You’ve just been pronounced husband and wife and it’s time to celebrate!

For the entrance to their reception, a lot of couples play a fun summer party song signifying that the “formality” of the ceremony is over and it’s now time to get the party started!

The first dance song should be all about YOU. This is really that special song that projects that precious bond that you and the groom have together.

Popular choices for background music during your beach wedding dinner include songs from Jack Johnson, Donovan Frankenreiter, laidback summer tunes and of course other relaxing, romantic and appropriate songs from your favorite bands and singers.

As for your last dance, you want something that really captures the essence of your wedding and that special bond you have together.

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