Beach Wedding Jewelry Guide

Choose from romantic beaded foot jewelry, sea shell wedding jewelry and more …

beach wedding jewelry

One of the most enjoyable things for a beach bride, is choosing her Beach Wedding Jewelry!

Who doesn’t enjoy browsing stunning necklaces and earrings to match, uniquely designed bracelets and perhaps some truly care-free beach wedding foot jewelry …

If you’ve just started thinking about what style of jewelry you’re going to wear, you may be wondering whether there’s a particular style that a beach bride should wear.

Throughout this online guide for Beach Brides, we constantly emphasize one thing … that it’s YOUR wedding and YOU choose the things that you like and are comfortable with.

So if you’ve always liked feminine, dainty jewelry, go for something small, simple and classy.

For example, elegant pearls look stunning for a beach wedding.

If you love big, chunky jewelry, don’t go having an identity crisis on your wedding and wear a classic, dainty jewelry set!

If you like chunky jewelry, then you will LOVE doing your beach wedding jewelry shopping … there are so many beautiful chunky wedding designs to choose from!

For example, sea shell wedding jewelry is very popular and ties in perfectly with your beach themed wedding. If you’re comfortable wearing beaded foot jewelry, then that’s another gorgeous option for you.

Check out our Beach Wedding Foot Jewelry section for some of the most beautiful beaded barefoot sandals you'll find!

If you live in bohemian and hippy style clothes and jewelry, then you literally have thousands of jewelry sets to choose from! You can get as colourful as you wish and perhaps the best thing about this style of wedding jewelry is that you can keep wearing it long after your beach wedding is over.

Sea glass also features heavily in beach themed wedding jewelry.

When you’re choosing your jewelry, you need to consider the hair style that you’ll be wearing on your special day and also the neckline of your wedding dress.

Why not go for Sea Shell Wedding Jewelry and compliment a sea shell wedding theme to the max!

Your jewelry should ultimately reflect the style and mood of your beach wedding.

As regards to wedding bands, these should essentially please both parties.

If you and your partner have a special connection with the sea, you might want to consider getting Nautical Wedding Bands.

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