Beach Wedding Hair Accessories Shopping Guide

Beach wedding hair accessories tend to be simpler and more casual than your usual, traditional bridal hair accessories.

beach wedding hair accessories

However, this depends greatly on the beach bride, the beach wedding hairstyles she’s looking into, her hair type and of course her beach wedding dress.

If you’re going to get married right on the beach, chances are that you’ll be going for a more casual look.

Many beach brides in fact choose not to wear a veil for their beach wedding.

This is a wise choice, because a beach wedding usually means that you’re going to have to endure some wind!

Some brides go for a real low key look. In this case, a wedding tiara may seem too “glamorous”.

Beach Wedding Hair Accessories Ideas


Have you decided to wear your hair down? Consider just wearing a gorgeous fresh flower. This look is incredibly romantic and feminine! You can either go for just one bold flower or a cluster of blooms.

Flowers that are perfect for beach wedding hair include the Stephanotis, Cymbidium orchid and the Freesia.

Silk flowers are a cheaper alternative to fresh flowers. Nowadays, you can find many that are quite realistic. Simply hot glue the flower to a hair clip and you’re done.

Flowers are also great if you’re going to be wearing your hair pulled back in a bun or if you’re going for a romantic updo.

Wedding Combs

Wedding combs come in various styles. If you need to glam up your wedding dress a bit, you can go for a comb adorned with cyrstals, pearls or diamonds. Want a more casual look? Choose a comb with just a few decorative additions or one adorned with tiny flowers.

Wedding Headbands

Headbands tend to project a more “formal” look. For the DIY bride, headbands can be a life saver because they’re very easy to put on. Wedding headbands essentially come in two main styles. You can either go for a thick headband or a dainty thin one. Thick headbands usually work well with long hair. If you prefer a softer look you can also go for a thin headband. For short hair, thin wedding headbands work best.

Bridal Hairvines

A popular choice with many beach brides, hairvines are incredibly versatile and can be used with many beach wedding hairstyles.

With the advent of the Internet today, you can find lots of cheap wedding hair accessories so you don’t need to worry if you’re a budget bride. You can still find the perfect beach wedding hair accessories without breaking the bank!

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