Beach Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Your beach wedding guest book is one of the first things that your guests will see when they arrive at your reception venue.

The guest book should of course compliment the theme of your wedding.

Take your pick from our gorgeous selection of wedding guestbooks below!

To get more information on each guest book, simply click on the image that you like!

These lovely guest books are sure to get your guests super excited about your special day and you'll enjoy going through the comments that you get, long after your wedding day!

Take your time to scroll through the whole range of guest books above and you'd be amazed at the sheer creativity that went into making these lovely guestbooks ... sparkling starfish embellished with diamond dust, stunning Swarovski crystal starfish brooches at the center, freshwater pearls, natural seashells and more!

If you've always preferred natural minimalist decorations, then you'll love some of the charming beach guest books that you'll see in our slideshow above!

All guestbooks offer sophistication and elegance, thus highlighting your sense of style to the max.

Popular materials used for guestbooks are leather, satin and lace. Colors include the ever popular white and ivory, pink, blue, black and even red.

Whether you're holding a more formal beach wedding or a simple, casual affair, you're sure to find just the perfect beach wedding guest book for your big day.

Photo guest books are also popular. With these types of unique and personal wedding guest books, your guests can sign and comment next to their photos, making the end result much more interesting for you when you’re browsing through your beach wedding guest book later.

In fact, in an effort to make guest books more interactive, many couples today are choosing to have a Polaroid camera readily available for the guests so that they can take photos and insert them in special slots in the guest book.

It’s a fun way that compliments the notes and comments that your guests will leave on your beach wedding guest book. Your guests will love the fact that they were able to leave a more personal touch with their photos!

You can also choose to instruct the assistant of your photographer to take these pictures.

Some couples find that it’s often easier to co-ordinate the whole look by buying a wedding set instead of getting the items separately.

The items that you’ll find in wedding sets vary but generally you can find a wedding guest book, a matching pen, a unity candle and flower basket. Other items which may be included are the pillow and garter.

Another popular trend that is being used as an alternative to the traditional wedding guest book is to turn your usual guestbook into a keepsake.

This is done by instructing your guests to sign an item that you can put on display in your home. This trend is gaining in popularity because it eliminates the risk of having a wedding guest book that nobody ever sees.

With a special signed memento that is on display in your living room or elsewhere, you get to refresh your happy memories every day!

Pottery items are a popular choice. For example, your guests can sign a ceramic tray with a ceramic marker. Then all you have to do is to “fire” the tray in your oven and the tray is ready to be put on display anywhere in your home.

The wedding guest book should also reflect the groom and bride’s personalities and the level of formality of your wedding. So if you’re having a small casual event, your guest book should reflect that.

If you dabble with crafts, why not go for a DIY wedding guest book? Simply buy a plain white wedding guest book and glam it up with some seashells, blue ribbon or other accessories to compliment your beach wedding theme!

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