Beach Wedding Foot Jewelry

Glam up your barefoot wedding with these elegant beaded barefoot sandals

Our Beach Wedding Foot Jewelry section features some of the most beautiful beaded barefoot sandals you’ll find!

If you’re having a barefoot wedding, consider “dressing” up your feet with lovely beaded foot jewelry. If you’re currently planning your beach wedding and you’re still undecided whether you’d want to be a barefoot bride, take a peek at the following bridal foot jewelry and be inspired.

Enrich your barefoot wedding with these awesome beaded barefoot sandals!

To get more information such as material of beads used, price and more, simply click on the image that you like! If you'd like to scroll back and forth, hover your mouse to the top of the image, and a scroll bar will appear

Your feet deserve to be pampered even if you're going to be a barefoot bride.

Adorn them with these elegant barefoot sandals! Some of the foot jewelry above is made from Swarovski crystals and a host of other jewels. Others are made from pearls or natural seashells even.

Complete your beachy look from head to toe with bridal foot jewelry. Gorgeous designs at affordable prices. What more could one want?

As you'll see in the slideshow above, these beaded barefoot sandals come in a variety of designs and jewels.

One look at them and you'll agree that they are simply magical! Perfect for accessorizing your beach bridal look without going overboard.

These elegant bridal barefoot sandals will give you the feeling of being all glammed up for your wedding, without losing that beachy, care-free feeling!

Coordinate your whole look by matching or taking inspiration from your wedding color scheme, your wedding dress or your other bridal jewelry.

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