Looking for Beach Wedding Flip Flops Ideas?

Be inspired from our selection of gorgeous bride and groom flip flops and bridal party flip flops …

Why are beach wedding flip flops so popular? Read on to find out!

Nothing highlights a free-spirited personality better than a pair of bride flip flops!

There’s something about their casual and “natural” beauty that really spells out “I’m not a fashion or tradition slave and I wear what I like and what feels right to ME!”

Sadly, even at their own wedding, some brides succumb to the temptation to go for what’s the norm or tradition and forget what THEY would love to wear for their wedding.

Hugely popular at beach weddings, bridal flip flops are nowadays also gaining in popularity among those brides who want to get comfortable and enjoy themselves at their wedding reception and not go through torturous hours of standing through countless photos, walking around and chatting to guests and dancing in stiletto wedding shoes.

So while they prefer to wear traditional high heeled shoes for their ceremony, they then opt to wear something comfortable for the reception.

Whatever the reason for choosing bride and groom flip flops, you can rest assured that you can find plenty of beautiful flip flops that suit any budget or taste.

You can go for simple, stylish ones or more elaborate, pricey and formal bridal flip flops … it’s your choice. If you’d like to wear dressier flip flops, you will also find wedged flip flops or flips flops with heels.

The most popular color is of course white, but you can also find beautiful ivory bridal flip flops as well as other colors which are more suited for your bridal party flip flops.

Some couples even get cute matching honeymoon flip flops. Something special about these kind of flip flops is that most of them leave a “Just Married” impression in the sand with each step that you take. How cute is that!

Take a peak at our selection of gorgeous beach wedding flip flops for ideas and inspiration …

Sequined Bridal Flip Flops

wedding flip flops

Nowadays, more and more brides are focusing on comfort for their bridal shoes. These beautiful wedding flip flops are beautifully decorated with sequins and are extremely affordable.

Perfect for the budget conscious bride!

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Beaded bridal flip flops

beach wedding flip flops

These white flip flop wedding sandals are stylishly decorated with beads. With just a hint of heel, these bridal flip flops are comfortable yet dressy.

Available in white or ivory color.

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Beach bride flip flops

bride flip flops

These beautiful bride flip flops come in white or ivory. Simple yet elegant, these wedding flip flops are enriched with a rhinestone embellishment.

Ideal for a beach wedding.

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Bridal flip flops with wedges

bridal flip flops

These gorgeous white bride flip flops have a smooth lining for maximum comfort.

The wedges provide extra height and automatically make these wedding flip flops dressier without sacrificing comfort. The strap has rhinestone accents.

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Stylish bridal flip flop sandals

bride and groom flip flops

Featuring beaded straps, these gorgeous sandal flip flops are available in wide widths and simply ooze style and comfort.

These sandals are made from dyeable satin, just in case you need a specific color to match it to your dress.

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Want to see more wedding flip flops? Have a look at these gorgeous wedding flip flops with a crystal heart!

Want to glam it up? Feast your eyes on these beautiful and dressy wedding flip flops.

If you’d like to see more styles and designs of beach wedding flip flops, browse the whole range at Advantage Bridal. Warning … They have hundreds of wedding flip flops, so it may take you a while to decide on which ones to get :)

Decorating Flip Flops for Wedding Ideas

Some beach brides opt to decorate their wedding flip flops themselves. If this sounds like something you’d like to do, then simply get a new pair of flip flops from your local department store, get a hot-melt glue gun and some gorgeous accessories from a craft store, add your creativity and you’re good to go.

There really is no limit to what you can do here. It just boils down to personal taste. You can decorate your beach wedding flip flops with lace, colored ribbons or pearls.

Stick on diamonds, beads or tiny silk flowers. You can even stick some of your bridal hair accessories on your flip flops too.

Depending on the material of the straps, you can either use glue or simply sew your accessories to the straps.

Some brides transform this whole event into a fun activity that they do with their bridal party. Now that’s a creative and fun way of getting cheap bridesmaid flip flops!

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